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We understand new-generation parents. Unlike parenting of yesteryears, modern parenting is done in coordination. The responsibilities are shared between the mother and the father. From diapers to bedtimes. From the first walk to the first day at school.

Often, the new-age parents are baffled and sometimes run out of energy in their parenting journey. And so, it not only takes love, care, and affection but also tactics to make modern parenting efficient. Like the tactics of a committed dad. That’s why we come up with tools and gears that are as comfy as mothers’ love and as practical as dads’ tactics.

Hear It from the Founders

Hello, Parents!

As new fathers, we were overjoyed to welcome our little ones into the world, but we quickly realized how challenging it can be to go about daily life while also caring for an infant. We believe that with the right tactics and products, the chores of parenting can become lighter. With this conviction, we have committed ourselves to creating solutions that aid young parents in handling their children.

After countless prototypes with our own babies, we landed on our flagship product: Minmini Hip Carrier. This carrier helps you carry your baby longer without putting a strain on your arms and back. It also helps parents get all their baby essentials organized, eliminating the need for a separate bag.

With a purpose to ease the everyday lives of young parents, we’re on a mission to bring more solutions that makes parenting a rewarding journey.

Best Wishes,

Naghul & Shanmugavel

Co-Founders, Minmini

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Prioritize the well-being of babies and parents.


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