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After the Supreme court verdict in which it upheld the decision of the Allahabad High court of suspending all the appointments of Shiksha Mitras (para-teachers) as these teachers have pushed the primary and secondary education system of the state in chaos, the Shiksha Mitra agitation has stirred up which lead to traffic jams for the urban population whereas in the rural parts life has come to a halt.

The most populous state of the country has about 1.72 lakh Shiksha-mitras which were adjudged disqualified after the Supreme court verdict. Although the Supreme Court in its order had provided some relief to the Shiksha-Mitras by stating that those para-teachers who are TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) qualified, which is an entrance examination for teachers would not be suspended.

UP Shiksha Mitra Latest News 2017

The Apex Court Judgement:

However, thatShiksha mitras who haven’t cleared the TET examinations would be given the opportunity to qualify the exam in the next two events. Despite this relief, the Shiksha-mitras were not happy with the decision and continued their protest against the Apex court order and the state government, which is bound by the SC judgement.

The Solution From the State Government:

Since then a lot has followed, during the second week of August. The Uttar Pradesh government, in order to end the Shiksha-mitras stir, had announced that the Shiksha-Mitras sitting for TET exam would get a 2.5 mark weight per year according to their experience which would extend to a maximum of 25 marks in their TET scores and the TET examination would be conducted in October.

The process of the Examination:

After a cabinet meeting on 26 September, the UP government came out with a new notification stating that unlike earlier where the TET passed candidates were directly appointed, now these candidates would have to go through a written test and the appointments would be made after taking into account the scores of this written test also.

The TET passed candidates will be only eligible for taking this test. The distribution of scores for appointment will be in a 60-40 ratio, 60 for the written test and 40 for the academic qualifications.

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The Fresh Twists and Turns

The new decision of the cabinet has been condemned by the Shiksha-mitras. A delegation of the Shiksha-mitras comprising of candidates who have already cleared the TET examination met the Chief Minister on Sunday and has requested that the new appointment criteria should be vanished and instead of the new written examination for an appointment the old grading system should be followed.

Further, they have also submitted a seven-point demand letter to the chief minister in which they have requested for the payment of the honorarium before Diwali and payment of the salaries of the 1.37 lakh earlier para teachers from 1 January 2016 to 31 July 2017 according to the 7th pay commision.