UP Police Transfer List 2017-18 – View/Download UP Police Transfer Order Online

Uttar Pradesh Police Transfer List 2017-18 Online | UPP Latest Transfer List/Transfer Order Online | View or Download UP Police Transfer Order List | Search Transfer by PNO Number| Karmik/Constable Transfer

Mass and class, when it comes to the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, it showcases the distinction and uniqueness in every sphere of life. However, to maintain the order in the public life is a daunting task for the civil security agency that is UP Police. Each day, approximately 2.5 Lacs police personals manage the public lives of around 20Cr citizens of the state.

Latest Transfer Order List 2017-18 Uttar Pradesh Police (UPP)

UP Police is such a mammoth organization and managing itself across 75 districts is a challenge. Starting from routine posting to transfer to dispute management to the well-being of police personnel for highest commitment and dedication. One of the most challenging task for UP Police is to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Police Manuals and the State government for internal management. The large chunk of this challenge lies in the transfer of the UP personals, sometimes due to disciplinary actions and sometimes due to official requests by the officer or personnel him or herself.

Online Platform to View and Download the Transfer Orders

In order to smoothen the entire process and to remove the hurdles from the process of transferring and informing the individuals and their superiors, UP Police went digital developing a mechanism that allows each police personnel as well as general public to view and download the transfer orders issued by the authorities across the state.

Viewing the Transfer Orders

Just by visiting the website of the UP Police you can view as well as download the transfer orders issued by the DG, Police Headquarters or the State Home Ministry. All you need is to navigate through the website to visit Transfer Order page on the UP Police Website. The webpage has a tabular format that has six different columns that include Order Unit, Category,

Order Number, Order Description, and Order Date.

Based on any of these details the police personnel can check if the particular transfer order is issued or not. The webpage also offers options to narrow down your search by implementing the sorting process based or Order Number, Month, and Year. By default, the page offers 10 freshest orders issued by the authorities. So far as the category is concerned, it denotes to only one category that is Government Orders and the signing authority remains the DG Police Hqrs (DGPHQ).

UP Police Transfer List 2017-18 – Check/Download Online

Here are the steps that you need to follow –

  • First of All Visit THIS PAGE
  • If you are already aware of Order Name or Order Number, you can simply enter it in the search box and look for it

UP Police Transfer Order List

  • Or you can simply look for the order in the List of Orders
  • If you are aware of the order date, then you can scroll down to a particular date and find all the orders released on that particular date
  • Once you find the order, simply click on the link under the “Order Description”
  • This will download the pdf file on your device
  • Simply double-click the file to view it

Downloading the Transfer Orders

As of now, the page has 799 entries for the year 2017-18 with various Order Numbers based on what types of officials or personals are transfer from district or division. In order to view the entire order, you need to download the PDF format file upload in the Column “Order Description”.

Once the order in PDF Format downloaded, depending on the browser you can view the PDF file, which has detailed order with instructions for the concerned authority as well as the name of the personal/Officers transferred.

Clarifications Regarding UPP Transfer Order List 

Is it possible to search the Transfer Order by Personal Number (PNO)?

  • Right Now, at the given portal the search field can be used to search by order number. So, currently the facility of PNO. is not there, it might be added soon

How to Get the Latest Transfer Order List of Uttar Pradesh Police (UPP)?

  • All the interested personnel are advised to follow the above-given steps to get the list of latest UPP Transfer Order

Is it Possible to Download the UPP Transfer Order List?

  • Absolutely ! The Portal provides, directly downloadable links to all users