UDAAN Yojana – Cheap Airfare Scheme by Indian Govt | Details

UDAAN Yojana – Cheap Airfare Scheme by Indian Govt | Details

Indian Government Released UDAAN Scheme – Find out complete details Udan Yojana Here | Central Govt’s New Scheme for Cheap Air Fare – UDAAN

Hello Dear Friends ! Indian Government has launched a new scheme named as – UDAAN yojana. I know that you are interested in finding out what this Udaan scheme is and what are the benefits? This article is dedicated to provide you detailed information regarding this scheme. Let’s find out everything that is there to know, about this newly released cheap airfare scheme .

UDAAN Yojana

Friends, we all know that travelling via air is very expensive. Infact we have always considered travelling via plane to be the habit of rich people. But now things are going to change, Indian government has launched new scheme, UDAAN. This scheme will ensure that travelling by air is affordable for all.

Name of the Scheme – UDAAN Yojana

Tag Line – Udey Desh ka Har Nagrik

Launched on – 21st October 2016

Launched by – Uddyan Mantri Ashok Gajpati Raju

Benefits to be Given From – 1st January 2017

Benefits of Govt’s UDAAN Yojana

This scheme is going to be very beneficial for one and all. As per this scheme maximum of Rs. 2500 airfare will be fixed for flight travel of 1 hour. So if have to make any journey via air that is not going to take 1 hour, the maximum amount that you have to pay will be Rs. 2500.

Features & Benefits of Udaan Scheme – Cheap Airfare Scheme

  • Maximum Price for 1 hour domestic flight will be limited to Rs. 2500 (Including all taxes)
  • 50 percent seats of planes will be reserved under “Udaan Scheme”
  • 50 Airports will be upgraded under this scheme
  • This scheme will bring more passengers to various Airlines and will ultimately benefit the people
  • This scheme will encourage the engagement of domestic passengers that travel by air. It is to be noted that the statistics show that the recently there has been 23.4 increase in passengers in September 2016.

What will Passengers Do to take the benefit ?

Passengers need not to perform any extra activity to take the benefits. There is no registration process because it will be implemented nationwide for all people. This scheme has been launched by the government itself. You can enjoy the benefits(Cheap Fare) of this scheme from January 2017.

Official Notification of UDAAN (Cheap Airfare) Scheme

The concerned minister Mr. Ashok Gajpati Raju has informed the media that the official notification regarding this scheme will be released in a day or two.

Note – As soon as the notification is made available, you will be able to download it from here.

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    There is one suggestion also if there is any facility to provide a monthly pass to them who are living far from their families and hardly meeting with family once in a month or two. With pass system they will be able to meet their families on every sunday. Everything is possible for this government just think on this.

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