TNREGINET Portal Tamilnadu | View Online Record of Properties Registered in Tamilnadu at the Website of Inspector General of Registration i.e. tnreginet Portal | View Tnreginet Online Property Registration Details & Guideline Value by Survey Number

Hello Friends! In this article, I am talking about the tnreginet portal which is the website of Inspector General of Registration, Tamilnadu. Recently the department has released the facility to view the Online Registration Records of Property. This Simply Means that all the Status properties registered in Tamilnadu can be checked online. In this article, we are also sharing the Method using which You Can check the Guideline value of your Land simply by entering the Survey Number.

TNREGINET Portal – Check Status of Property/Land Registration Online

Using the Information given below you will be able to check the Status( Get Details) of your Property/Land. This can be done in two ways :

If you have registration document with you, You can Search the Details Simply by Entering the Document Number


You can Search Information by EC (i.e. by Entering Key Details Manually, Like Survey Number, Subdivision Number)

Here is the Step by Step Guide :

  • Visit the EC/Document Search Page at the tnreginet portal

You will See this :

Tamilnadu Property Land Registration Status Check Search Online

  • If you Want to Search by “EC” you need to Select your Zone, District, Sub Registrar Office, Village and Dates. Also, You need to Enter the Survey Number & Subdivision Number. Then you need to Enter the Image Code and Click on “Search” to View Status of your Property/Land Online
  • If you Want to View the Status by Document, Select the “Document” Tab. Then Select your Sub-Registrar Office, Enter Document Number and Registration Year, Then Enter the Image Code and Click on “Search” to View Details

tnreginet tamilnadu online property registration


So, this is the Simple Process to Check/Search your Property (Land) Registration Status Online.

Now, Let’s discuss Another Important Aspect which is Finding the Guideline Value of the Land or Property by Survey Number.

Tnreginet Guideline Value by Survey Number|Street /Village Name

Do you know that the Tamilnadu Government provides the online facility to Check the Guideline value of Property or Land. This can be done simply by entering the Street Name or Village Name or Just by Providing your survey Number. Here is the Step by Step Guide.

  • First of All, You need to Visit the TN Reginet¬†Guideline Value & Property Valuation Page
  • Once there, Scroll to the “Guideline Search” Option

tnreginet portal Guideline Value by Survey Number

  • After Selecting the Date, You will be taken to Another Page
  • Now You need to Enter the Street Name or Village Name

Tamilnadu Guideline Value 2018 Check Online

  • Now you will see the Address & Email of SRO Office for Your Area
  • Visit at the Address Given to Get the Property Valuation/Guideline Value