Electric Vehicle Subsidy Scheme Delhi | FAME Scheme 2018

Electric Vehicle Subisdy Delhi

Purchase Electric Vehicle & Delhi & Get Subsidy by Government | Delhi Govt.’s FAME Scheme | Delhi Govt. Subsidy Scheme for Electric Cars, Scooters & Bikes

FAME scheme is the short form of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicle scheme. It has been launched by the Central Government. The main purpose to enact this scheme is to promote eco-friendly vehicles. As per this FAME scheme, 95% of the vehicles would be of mild diesel hybrid version, only 3% would be strong hybrid version and 2% of electric cars. In the version of mild diesel hybrid vehicles, there will be minimum use of the electric motor which will result in fuel and emissions saving. Studies say, as compared to conventional diesel vehicles, mild diesel hybrid vehicles will save around 15% more fuel and emissions.

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