Soil Health Card {SHC} Scheme for Farmers – Details|pdf Format

Soil Health Card {SHC} Scheme for Farmers – Details|pdf Format

Know All About Soil Health Card | Process of Getting Soil Health Card for Farmers

Farmers are the root of our country. If any government could uplift the farmers, it is going to be helpful for the economy of the country. From the Starting our Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi is emphasising to reshape the condition of our farmer brothers. On february 2015, Mr. Modi Launched a scheme known as Soil Health Card Scheme. This scheme has been launched to help the farmers in obtaining a good harvest. Details like, What is Soild Health card Scheme? How it benefits the farmers? is given below

SHC – Soil Health Card Scheme

As you know, better the quality of soil better will be the crop. Under this scheme, the quality of soil will be detected by experts. A complete evaluation of the soil will be done. Important aspects like quality of soil, nutrient content and other biological properties will be studied by the expert. Once the evaluation will complete, the results will be provided to the farmer of the land in the Soil heath Card.

Details of Soil Health Card Scheme in Hindi –

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Soil Health Card Hindi

Soil Health Card Hindi 2

How is Soil Health Card helpful for Farmers –

A soil health card contains the detailed report of the soil. Here are its benefits –

  • Using this report farmers can increase the productivity of crops
  • Using the reports and support from the experts farmers can find out the exact type of fertilisers required. Using the required fertilisers only, the quality of soil will be better
  • Understanding the soil contents will help the farmers to cultivate the crop that suits the soil type the most
  • Ultimately this scheme will help the farmers to increase the productivity as well the quality of the crop.

How is the Soil Analysed –

Soil testing Laboratories from all over the country get the sample of the soil. The experts then carry out thorough testing of the soil. All the factors like nutrients, water content etc are measured. The final results of the test contains the readings from the sample as well as the expert advice to improve the quality. The result and suggestions are then displayed in the Soil Health Cards.

How to Apply for SHC (Soil Health Card)

  • To apply, the farmer needs to visit the “Krishi Adhikari” Office. From there you can collect the information and apply for the soil Health Card.

Download Soil Health Card Online-

The soil health card can be downloaded online as –

  • First of All Visit this PAGE
  • Enter the sample number in the space provided
  • Enter the Farmer Serial Number
  • Select Units and Click on the View Button
  • The soil health card will be presented which can be downloaded and printed

Below is the format of soil health card in Hindi –

Soil Health Card Hindi Format

Here is the Video of  Soil Health Card Advertisement :

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