Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana Haryana – Scheme for Women

Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana Haryana – Scheme for Women

Haryana Government Launched Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana (Initiative by Vodafone) – A scheme for Women to process recharge without telling personal Mobile Number

We all do mobile recharges. Often we visit the nearest recharge outlet, provide them the mobile number and get the recharge done. Many shopkeepers try to get benefit by this. Whenever a girl or women ask them to recharge their number, they note down the number and start harassing them by continuously calling them. They also distribute the number to others. This has become a major problem and currently there are numerous such reports in many police stations. To overcome this problem, Haryana Government with the help of reputed telecom company, Vodafone has developed and implemented a solution under the scheme “Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana“. In this article, we will discuss everything related to this scheme.

Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana

Aim of the Scheme – Safety of Women 

Scheme Launched by – The Haryana Women and Child  Development Minister, Kavita Jain

Scheme Launched at – Chandigarh

Date of Launch of Scheme – 31st May 2017

Scheme Initiated By – Vodafone

Official Name of the Scheme & Aliases– Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana | Vodafone Sakhi Recharge

Eligibility – Only Vodafone users can take advantage of this Scheme

How Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana Works

The user sends a SMS from his mobile. In the back end, a unique 10 digit code is sent to the user’s mobile. This unique code gets assigned to the original number. Now, to recharge the mobile number user can provide the 10 digit code instead of original number.

Sakhi Recharge Coupon Scheme Haryana – Help Guide

Now, let’s come to the main part of this scheme i.e. implementation. So, here are the steps –

  • First of all Compose a SMS
  • Type “PRIVATE” and Send to 12604
  • After this, 10 Digit One time Password will be received on your Mobile
  • Now, users can use this 10 Digit password to get the recharge done
  • In this way, now you can recharge your mobile number without disclosing the original number


Currently this Scheme is Limited to Vodafone users only. This means users on other networks will not be able to take advantage of this scheme. We hope that soon other operators will also come forward and get involved in this scheme so that most of the people can take the benefit.

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