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How to File RTI Online | Online RTI Complaint/Request 2017-18 | How to File RTI for State or Central Government

RTI basically refers to the “RIGHT TO INFORMATION”. It is one of the fundamental rights. This right has been stated under the Article 19(1) of the Constitution. The article states that every single person is independent to express his/her words. The government has stated that if a person is paying tax then he must know how his money was being spent. People can fight against the possible exploitation with an Online RTI Request. It has a basic procedure and you can’t directly ask the officials to show you their accounts. The RTI act became effective on 13th October 2005. Earlier before 13th October 2005, about 9 State Governments had already passed this act. These states include J & K, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Assam & Goa.

Online RTI Submission | RTI Online Complaint Request

The objective of RTI Complaint- There are numerous benefits of RTI Online Complaining Application. It is all about promoting the transparency and accountability of the government officials. The aim of this Act is to reduce the possible corruption in the government tasks.

Why is RTI important? It is very much important for the citizens to fight for their rights. The common people can get the power to question public authorities. The RTI Online Complaint can demand the accountability from the government officials. The RTI act generally covers several different departments. The departments are controlled by funded by the Central Government.

How to File RTI Application Online

The people who are suffering from any kind of possible exploitation can now file Online RTI complaint by filling up the RTI Online Complaint Application Form Registration for State/Central Government. One can now file an RTI by visiting the official website, and following these simple steps-

  • Identification of Central Government Department- Your very first step must be to identify the department from which you may have obtained the information.
  • Writing the Application Accurately- You must have to lodge your complaint by writing in detail. Just make sure that you have added the relevant matter only.
  • Fee Payment- Filing an online RTI Request may require a small charge. You must have to pay an application fee of Rs. 10/- in the form of Indian Postal Order.
  • Submit your Application- You can now submit your RTI Request Online or through the speed post or registered post. Just wait for the response for about 30 days. You can also approach the central information commission on not receiving any response within the 30 days.

Not only this; but you can also check the status of your RTI Request via an online portal. You just have to log in to the portal so as to check your status.