New Atta Dal Scheme Punjab | Low Price Ration for Poor Families | Complete Details/

New Atta Dal Scheme Punjab | Low Price Ration for Poor Families | Complete Details/

Punjab New Atta Dal Scheme | Subsidy on Ration for Poor Families

The subsidy on food items is not new a new concept in India. After independence, numerous different schemes were introduced by the state and central government in the country. But the question i,s how many people are availing benefits of these schemes? Hence, to improve the implementation of Food Schemes, Government is always engaged in taking some new initiatives. New Atta Dal Scheme 2018 in Punjab has been introduced by the State Government recently. The scheme will provide benefits to the poor people of the state who can’t afford their meal. The meal is the necessity of all and without food, we can’t even imagine our one day.

Hence, in this world, not only national organizations but also international organizations are working on this concept. Such concept is focusing on making it sure that no one has to face the hassles in their daily meal. You can also read the full and complete details about the New Atta Dal Scheme on the Official Link:

Punjab New Atta Dal Yojana – Complete Details

Punjab Atta Dal Scheme 2018

  • The person should also verify the biometric details through the Aadhar Card to avail the benefit of this Free Ration Scheme in Punjab.
  • Number of Total Beneficiary of the New Atta Dal Scheme in Punjab: 1.42 Crores
  • Wheat will be given at the subsidy price, and the price of wheat per kg is Rs. 2/-
  • The Person should have to provide the Aadhar Number at the time of Ration Sale. This system will also increase the transparency in the scheme; otherwise poor people will not get the benefits of the social welfare schemes.
  • Now, you don’t need to have the Ration Card for availing the benefit of this scheme, just give the Aadhar Number and Get the Wheat at the Rs.2 per KG.
  • The Approval of this scheme was given by the Council of Ministers of Punjab.
  • Each Beneficiary of the Atta Dal Scheme will get the 5KG Wheat at Rs. 2/- in every six months.
  • Under this Yojana, the government was initially provided Pulses also at Rs. 20 per KG, but due to increasing prices of Pulses, the government is not able to provide the free Dal to the citizens from past two years. We hope that people will surely get the benefits of getting their basic necessities at the lowest price.

New Atta Dal Scheme Punjab 2018 | Subsidy on Ration – How to Avail Benefit ?

From the official sources, an official statement, it is said that after the successful implementation of New Atta-Dal Scheme in Punjab, the government will also decide to start the distributing Sugar at Rs. 1 Per Kg. this is the really Impressive Social Welfare State of the Punjab Government. There are so many weaker sections in the society, who can’t afford the two times food in a day. Get your application form right now. The lowest price food is the great news for all those, who are not able to fulfill the good requirement of their families. The weaker section of the society such as Labor, Rickshaw Drivers, Workers and other Backward Class People will avail the benefit of the New Atta Dal Scheme in Punjab.

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