{Party Wise} Assembly Election Winner Name List-WB|TN|Kerala|Assam|Puducherry

AC Wise Name List of Assembly Election Winners in West Bengal (WB), Tamilnadu (TN), Kerala, Assam and Puducherry, Download Assembly Seat Wise Winner List as pdf file | 

Note – pdf files containing the name of the winner candidate in each state has been updated below. If you want to download the pdf, kindly let us know in the comments section

Party wise Assembly Election 2016 Result19 May, Thursday is a very important day from political prespective. The candidates of various parties are anxiously waiting to see the Assembly election results. The assembly election result for the States – West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry will be available by afternoon. The vote counting begins from morning and the Constituency wise results with name of winners will be provided to the interested people. All eyes are on the Vidhan Sabha election result 2016 now.

With the Highest number of Assembly seats, West Bengal results will make a big impact. After WB, Tamilnadu state has large number of constituencies. Then comes Kerala, Assam and Puducherry. Irrespective of the number of seats in a particular state, competing parties and candidates are expecting a win.

Many exit polls have recently conveyed expected results. As per these Surveys TMC Leader Mamta Banerjee is supposed to retain the power. In Assam, BJP is expected to win in the leadership of Tarun Gogoi. The interesting surveys of Tamilnadu show close battle between AIADMK and DMK. However in Kerala, LDF is expected to win.In Puducherry, seems like the alliance of DMK & Congress will take over.

Assembly Elections 2016 Partywise Result Updates with Winner Names

The top parties in the assembly election are BJP, Congress, AIADMK, DMK etc. The interesting part of results is to find out that which party has won how many assembly seats. Depending on the total number of seats won, it will then be finally decided that who is going to win. We are consistently updating the results and providing you the latest updates. All you need to do is that, from the given sections, select the state you are interested in and use the given links to find the results according to the party. On the result day i.e. Today, 19th May you will see the info getting updated !

Constituency Wise Winner Names List & Party-Download pdf

For every state, we have given corresponding links from where you will get the winning candidate and other details. Also if you are interested in downloading the pdf file, you can use the download links. Once downloaded, you can share the results among your friends and known ones.

West Bengal (WB) Assembly Elections Winner Names & Party Wise Results

With 294 assembly seats, West Bengal election results will make huge impact. Whichever the winning party is, it will surely be a great win. We are focusing on providing our viewers, the names of the winners for each and every party.


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Tamilnadu Elections 2016 Winner Candidates Party Wise

TN is another big state with 234 assembly seats. There will be close competition in almost every AC seat. If you want to find out which seat is Won by which Candidate and to which party the winning candidate belongs, we have the answers.


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Kerala Assembly Elections 2016 Winners Details with Party Names

Kerala State comprises of 140 assembly seats. LDF is the favourite party to mark a win as per the exit polls. However, the real result could be different. Rather than believing on the exit poll results, it would be much better to see what’s going on live.


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Assam Vidhan Sabha Election Winner Candidates & Parties 2016

Assam Vidhan Sabha election is important one to win for the competing parties. Candidates from the leading parties are fighting for a win in each and every seat. If you want to stay updated with the winner names in a particular constituency or for all constituencies, we are here to help


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Puducherry Assembly Chunav Winner 2016 Names List & Party

Although the number of seats in Puducherry are not on the larger side, but the state has great political importance. Candidates who turn out to be winners will play important role in their corresponding party.


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