Odisha Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana – Complete Details

Odisha Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana – Complete Details

Odisha Government Launches pension Scheme for Bunkars | Odisha New Pension Scheme for Elderly Weavers

Weaving is one of the oldest professions in our country. Earlier the whole process used to be manual and now machines have replaced it. But still in villages there are many experienced weavers who don’t use machines of any sort. On the eve of National Hand-looms day i.e. 7th August 2016, the Government of Odisha Launched a scheme named as “Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana“. The aim of this scheme is to provide Pension for elderly weavers in the state.

Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana

Odisha Bunakar Pension Scheme

The financial condition of weavers living in villages of our country is not good. They lack resources and financial assistance. Large number of weavers or Bunkars in our country belong to the state of Odisha. The state government has now launched this scheme to provide financial assistance to the elderly weavers of the state. As per this scheme, the govt. will provide pension to weavers of age more than 60 years.



Odisha Weaver Pension Scheme – Key Points

  • This Scheme is valid for the elderly weavers of Odisha (Whose age is more than 60 years)
  • As per this Yojana, a monthly pension will be given.
  • Around 8000 weavers will be benefited by this scheme
  • The pension amount will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of eligible weavers

Pension Amount

For Weavers above 60 years – Rs. 500 per month

For Weavers above 80 years – Rs. 700 per month

As per a report, there are about 1.5 lakh weavers in Odisha. Most of the women are also engaged in the handloom products. It seems that this is a good step forward by the government, but i would like to discuss some shortcomings of this scheme too.

Video of the Launch Event in Odia Language

Here is the Launch event video –

Is “Odisha Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana” Really Helpful?

There is no doubt about regarding the importance of this scheme. This is a good step ahead but not for all. As you know, only elderly Bunkars(weavers) are going to be benefited. So, if you think about this in other way, you will notice that this scheme does nothing to promote the Weaver industry in the state. Because the future of weaving industry in Odisha lies in the hand of young weavers of the state. It would have been really great if this scheme could have provided some financial help to young weavers too.

Conclusion – Although this Weaver Pension scheme is good, it only helps the elderly people (Aging 60+). This scheme does nothing to encourage the young weavers of the state. We hope that the government will understand that the future lies in the hands of young people and come up with some scheme for them also.

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