National Health Policy 2017 Launched

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Good health is key factor for all,no matter if you are rich or poor. Financially strong people never really hesitate to visit expensive private hospitals are care centers. The problem is usually faced by poor people. Most of them visit the government hospitals for treatment. In case he/she is suffering from any major disease, the problem gets even bigger. The diagnosis of such diseases require more money which the financially weaker section is unable to provide. They can’t go to private hospitals and even government hospitals are unable to provide them cheap and better diagnosis. Keeping this in mind, the Cabinet has given green light to National Health policy on 15th March 2017.

National Health Policy 2017 – NHP Scheme

AIM – The aim of NHP or National Health policy 2017 is to provide highest level of well-being and good health to everyone. To achieve this target, this policy will be implemented in various ways. First of all, the quality of treatment has to be top notch. Also it has to be affordable.

To do so, it is extremely important for the government to talk with the private health firms and the government hospitals should be upgraded to provide better yet affordable health services. This policy will make sure that the people can get highest level of treatment without being tensed about the financial aspects.

Now, we understand what this policy is all about. We should also now understand that what is the planning of the government to achieve this aim. It is not easy as it seems, so there has to be some planning that can lead to achieve all the targets mentioned in this policy. This policy aims to raise public healthcare expenditure to 2.5 percent of GDP. Earlier this percentage was 1.4 percentage. So, there is almost 59 percent increase in the public health care expenditure in this policy.

National Health Policy 2017 – Key Features/Points

  • Under this policy , free drugs, free diagnostics and free emergency care services are proposed in all public hospitals. This will provide access and Financial protection
  • Current life expectancy is 67.5 years. This policy aims to make it 70 years by 2025.
  • This policy prioritizes the role of Government to shape the health systems
  • NHP 2017 plans to make a engagement with private sector to increase the reach of medical services for one and all. Combination of Public are private healthcare industry can lead to significant results
  • The major proportion of resources will be dedicated to primary care followed by Secondary and tertiary care
  • Most of the secondary care will be provided at district level, so that patients can easily get treated nearby even in case of fatal issues
  • Treatment is not only function in this policy. It believes in getting rid of the problems before they arise i.e. Prevention of the disease. This means that the public will be made aware about the causes of various diseases. This will be done via various good health programs, seminars etc
  • The policy proposes to encourage Yoga. For this. Yoga will be introduced in Schools, work places to promote good health
  • This policy seeks the support of volunteers under its ‘giving back to society” initiative
  • To improve the efficiency and outcome of healthcare systems, this policy supports the deployment of digital tools. To take care of this, National Digital Health Authority will be established

We all worry a lot about wealth without even realizing that the real wealth is our health. It really felt very good that government is really doing something big in this direction. For the success of this policy, it is important that every involved person, agency or institution follows the broad principles of this policy which are –  Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics, Equity, Affordability, Universality, Patient Centered & Quality of Care, Accountability and pluralism.

Although every aspect of this policy is important, my personal view is that providing better healthcare services to financially weaker sections is the most important one and it should be given the priority. Think about poor people who are suffering from Heart Diseases, Liver problems, Fatal brain related diseases. Do you really think that currently they are able to arrange money (which is usually in Lakhs) for proper diagnosis? I don’t think so. There is a need to build a system that treats every patient equally and effectively. I hope the National health Policy 2017 will address all the issues in best possible way and lead our nation towards good health.

NHP 2017 – Official Sources / Notifications pdf Download

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