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Madhya Pradesh Rajya Bimari Sahayta Yojana | MP Govt. Patient Financial Assistance Scheme | MP Bimari Sahayta Scheme Online Form to Apply

More and more people are getting ill due to their modern lifestyle. A large number of people are suffering from the serious diseases. Such diseases include the cardiovascular, neural, cancer, or kidney diseases. You can’t even imagine the much higher costs required for curing such diseases. The poor people can’t afford such expensive treatments. This is the reason that the MP state has now announced a healthcare scheme. The name of the scheme is MP Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana (Financial Assistance Scheme for Patients). The written order has been issued by the Divisional Commissioner KK Khare.

MP Bimari Sahayta Nidhi Yojana

The objective of the Yojana- This healthcare yojana was launched in 1997. The major objective of the scheme is to provide the best medical treatment to the poor people. The Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana is for the people below the poverty line. The budget of this programming scheme is about 10 crores. The poor people can now seek the best medical treatment in the entire MP state.

Getting the details of the yojana- If you need the Complete Details for MP Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana then just read our detailed article. Our article contains the detailed information about the yojana. You can now get all information related to the application form and eligibility through this article. Don’t waste your time and just get the benefits of the Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana right now.

Diseases covered under the scheme-

  • Cancer
  • Renal Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Knee Replacement
  • Renal Detachment
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Heart Surgery
  • Hip Replacement, and
  • Other Complicated Deliveries

Issued order for the scheme- The financial assistance will be provided through the State and District Disease Assistance Fund. The patient will need not do any paperwork. The patients will not get the quickest and earliest treatments with the best care. The government machinery will have to fill the form in the relevant format. BPL families can now get the financial assistance to cure their serious health disorders.

Who will get the assistance?

The MP State has also included the reputed government and non-government hospitals. These hospitals will also get the required financial assistance. Different serious surgeries will be done under this Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana in MP.

Eligibility Criterion- The persons suffering from the above-mentioned diseases are now eligible for this yojana. Health care has become a major concern in the MP state. The MP state has thus, made such special arrangements for the poor people. With the introduction of this scheme, the death rate in the MP state has dropped down from 15.2 % to 10.2%. The MP State has started Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi Yojana to curb down the death rate.

How to Apply for Bimari Sahayta Yojana Madhya Pradesh

The government has decided to provide the financial assistance of about 25 thousand to two lakh rupees. The poor patients can now get the help for about 20 serious diseases. The government will directly pay such charges for the treatments to the registered hospitals. You can now register yourself for this scheme through the Official Link.

Complete Details of MP Govt’s Financial Aid Scheme for Patients

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