Find out the Truth Behind so called “Modi Free Smartphone Scheme” or “Modi Smartphone Vitran Yojana”

Have you recently come across any message regarding the Distribution of Free Smartphones to Indian Citizens? Do you really think it is possible for government to provide free smartphones to everyone? This doesn’t make any sense, right? Clearly this news is an hoax and can’t be trusted. Today we are going to disclose the reality of Modi Free Smartphone Vitran Yojana. We will prove why this news is fake and how to identify such similar fake news.

Modi Free Smartphone Vitran Yojana Scam

It is true that Indian government has launched various schemes recently. Many schemes for Poor people have been announced and many others will be announced soon. Scammers are trying to get this benefit of this situation by spreading fake news on the internet. They are fooling the innocent people by providing fake news. Free Smartphone Scheme by Modi ji is an live example of such fake news.

Here is the Fake News –

The false information that is getting viral these days, goes like this –

अब भारत का हर नागरिक होगा स्मार्ट क्यूंकी मोदी सरकार दे रही है मुफ़्त स्मार्टफोन | अपना स्मार्टफोन अभी ऑनलाइन बुक करें

Modi Free Smartphone Scheme

After this news a link is given. Clicking on the link opens a website, where you are asked to enter your Name and State. The most interesting and funny part is that there is an option to select the mobile brand also. The name of the website  itself gives clear indication that it is not official and hence a scam. The name of the portal is There could be similar websites also be aware and do not trust such information.

The Truth Behind Modi Free Mobile Phone Scheme

There are various reasons that will prove that free mobile phone scheme by Narendra Modi is a Hoax / Scam –

  • Our Prime Minister never Promised to provide Free Smartphones to citizens
  • PM Modi Ji never mentioned about any such scheme in any of his speeches or Interviews
  • No news papers or news channel ever talked about such scheme till date

How to Identify Fake News Easily –

This Fake Smartphone Vitran Scheme is not the single case. Recently a fake news – Modi Free Laptop Scheme is also circulating in the internet. It has become very important these days to identify such fake news . You are always advised to follow these steps –

  • Whenever you find any message or email, first of all search about it on internet
  • See if any news channel or governmental website contains same information or not?
  • If you can’t the information there most probably it will be a scam
  • One can identify such news by taking a look at their website.

We hope we have been able to clear your doubts. Kindly always be aware and don’t trust such information blindly.