Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Records Online – 7/12 (Satbara Utara) | 8A  | Property Card

Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Records Online – 7/12 (Satbara Utara) | 8A | Property Card

Maharashtra Maha Bhulekh Website – Online Land Records Checking | 7/12 (Satbara Utara)  Online Copy- 8A | Property Card (Malmatta Patrak)

Hii Guys! Today, i am going to Share the Steps using which you can check Maharashtra Land records online at the Official Mahabhulekh website. In Regional Marathi Language, the Land records are also known as Satbara Utara (7/12). The Digitization of Land records in Maharashtra has given the people facility to check Key Details online i.e. Online Land owner name finding, Online Naksha (Map) Viewing, Dakhil/kharij, Intkal, etc.

Maharashtra Land Records Online – Mahabhulekh Satbara (7/12)

Earlier the process of Obtaining Satbara copy was very tedious. One had to go to the Talathi, Fill in the Application form and then the Satbara Copy was given. After Digitization of Land records in Maharashtra, it has become an easy task to obtain the 7/12 (Satbara Copy). 

What are the contents of Satbara (7/12) Information:

  • Ownership Details
  • Land Area
  • Crop Details (If the Land is Agricultural Land)
  • Encumbrances (Loan, Lease, Stay Order, etc.)
  • Land Type & Other Related Information

Online Land record checking ensures that no Property Fraud takes place.

At the official Maharashtra Mahabhulekh Website, the State has been divided into six sections : Amravati, Aurangabad,Konkan,Nagpur, Nashik, Pune

Note – Kindly Understand that Online Records are only for Informational Purposes. They can’t be used for legal purposes. You can collect the authorized copy anytime from the Revenue Department 

Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Satbara (7/12) – Online Land Records Checking

Now Let’s discuss the most important part which is checking the Land Records (Satbara) Online and Obtaining the online copy. Kindly Follow the given steps to get started:

maharashtra mahabhulekh official website

  • Once the Website Opens up, you will see Location in a map as well as on the right hand section. You will have to choose from these Six – Amravati, Aurangabad, Konkan ,Nagpur, Nashik, Pune
  • You can either click directly on map or select manually
  • Once you have selected the Vibhag, You will then have to select the District

After Selecting the District Name, Select Taluka and then village

  • After you have selected the village, you will see that various search parameters will pop up below i.e. Survey Number, Gat Number, Pahile Nav, Madhil Nav, Sampurn Nav etc etc.

  • Depending on what information you have, select that Option
  • Suppose you selected Survey Number/Gat Number, Then you need to enter that number and hit Enter Button to Display Maharashtra 7/12 Online
  • The Online Satbara Copy Looks like this:

  • You will able to check the Owner Name, Land Type, Area & Encumbrances ( Loan, Lease , Stay order etc.)

Maharashtra Mahabhulekh Check 8A Online (7/12)

  • To Check 8A Land Record Details Online in Maharashtra, Follow These Steps:
  • Visit the official Website and Select the Location (As Mentioned in the Steps Above)
  • Now You need to Select the “8A” Option
  • Then you will have to Select from Khata Number, Pahile Nav, Madhile Nav, Aadnav, Sampurn Nav

  • The Hit the Submit Button.
  • Now you will be able to check 8A Details Online

mahabhulekh maharashtra 8a online

Mahabhulekh Maharashtra 7/12 – Online Property Card/Malmatta Patrak Download

  • Visit the Official Maharashtra Mahabhulekh Website and Select your Location (As mentioned above in the Article)
  • Now From the Options, Select “Malmatta Patrak” ( Property Card)

Malmatta Patrak Property Card Maharashtra Mahabhulekh

  • Now, An External Website will open up from where you will be able to view and Download Property Card or Malmatta Patrak

Feel Free to Share your thoughts Regarding Maharashtra Online Land Records Checking in the Comments Section Below.

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