Bajaj Launching LPG Bike In India – Details of Indian LPG Bike – Find Out Key Information Like Price, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages 

With the nation rapidly shifting towards alternative fuel for automobiles, the Indian company Bajaj, which is famously known for its fast-paced bikes and great designs in automobiles has also stepped in the race. To eliminate the need of petrol and hence burn lesser damaging chemicals in order to safeguard the environment against pollution, many states have opted for buses and other public-transport options that run on LPG. Recently Bajaj, announced its newest gift to the nation.

In the form of their newest bike, Bajaj will be gifting the nation its first ever LPG-run Bike. This bike is expected to cut down the rider’s cost of petrol and also benefit the environment. The bike has already been test-driven. If reports are to be believed, the LPG-gas bike by Bajaj is superior to its older counterparts in many ways. The company has started manufacturing the model and will be releasing limited pieces as a demo for inhabitants of Sangli and Ahmadabad.

LPG Bike in India by Bajaj – Complete Details

Bajaj LPG Bike in India

LPG is considered as a great alternative to petrol. As you know, government has been focusing on increasing the LPG fueled vehicles. Common transport vehicles like Buses and Autos are adapting this technology. Well, now Bajaj has come forward to present the first LPG fueled Bike in the country. Soon, the bike will be launched.

Specifications and Price of LPG Gas bike by Bajaj

India’s first ever LPG gas bike will be named Bajaj Platina and will be amazingly comfortable in every way. The bike is a bi-fueled ride, which means it is possible to run this automobile by more than one-type of fuel source. Equipped with a 4-liter gas cylinder that is intended to supply LPG to the engine, the bike also has a 10-liter petrol tank. This means that if your LPG cylinder runs out at uncertain places, you can keep your petrol tank full and utilize it without any problems.

Price – The price is not known yet but we will be updating the information when any official announcement will be made.

If we talk about the mileage, Bajaj Platina will provide riders with an average of 200 kms mileage on a full 4-liter LPG cylinder. In terms of mileage from LPG this is quite attractive, especially for people that have to travel a lot daily. This will make it possible for daily commuters to save on petrol money and get more out of their investment. Because the bike uses LPG gas for fuel, it will technically be costing as low as 9,000 INR. Considering the mileage of the bike it is estimated that the running cost of these LPG gas bikes by Bajaj will be somewhere around Rs. 5 per kilometer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of LPG Motorcycle

 Pros of Having LPG Gas Bike

  1. Use of LPG is environment friendly as it produces a much lower level of pollution than diesel or petrol-run vehicles.
  2. Bi-fuel character increases utility options instead of limited the riders to LPG.
  3. Great mileage for LPG gas cylinder.
  4. Operating cost of vehicle is increased by 40%
  5. Installed safety feature prevents gas leaks or overheating while driving.

Cons of LPG Gas Bike

  1. In case the temperature falls below 32 degree Fahrenheit, LPG starts freezing making it difficult to start the bike.
  2. Energy level of LPG run bikes is 14% only.
  3. The bike has not been tested against longer terrains.