Patanjali Kimbho App Download |Baba Ramdev Messaging Mobile App

Patanjali Kimbho App Download |Baba Ramdev Messaging Mobile App

Kimbho App | Patanjali Kimbho Mobile App | Baba Ramdev’s Indian Version of Whatsapp -“Kimbho” | Kimbho Messenger India

With the passage of time, the Science and Technology has now developed so far. With the advancement of Science, Baba Ramdev has introduced numerous herbal and effective products on the market. Not only products but Ramdev has also launched a useful messaging app known as Kimbho.

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Patanjali Kimbho Messenger App | Baba Ramdev’s Indian Whatsapp

The idea behind launching Kimbho-

The major idea behind the launch of this app is to take over the Facebook-owned messaging app known as WhatsApp (having more than about 250 million users on a monthly basis). The app is introduced by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Communications. Earlier, after its launch (May 30), the researchers found this app as not useful. As a result, the app got removed from Google Play Store within 24 hours of its launch. The app was not considered as safe at that time. One of the French-based security researchers had found this app as just a joke but now it has restored on the Google Play Store. This time, the app is not known by the name Kimbho, it is now called as Bolo Messenger.

Who designed the app?

It is designed and developed further by Aditi Kamal. She is now known as the founder of Kimbho. You can also call her the developer of Bolo Messenger. She introduced this Patanjali Kimbho App as an alternative to WhatsApp. She also claims that the app will also get introduced to the iOS as well.

Kimbho App Downloads-

What is meant by Kimbho? Kimbho is basically a Sanskrit word which is broadly used during the casual chats. Baba Ramdev Messaging Mobile App, Kimbho is almost identical to the other leading messaging apps available online.

  • It has all the required features such as sharing of audios, videos, photos or other files.
  • The app has already been downloaded by more than 50,000 users.
  • It is now beating away the apps like Google Duo or Hike as well.
  • It is known as a real-time messaging app which allows you guys to have a conversation with different amazing features.
  • Now, Kimbho and Bolo Messenger are two separate apps.
  • The reason behind calling them separate is the founder name being mentioned on the details of Bolo Messenger
  • The app has been founded by Aditi Kamal and not by Patanjali which states that these two are the different apps
  • The app is now recommended and offered by Bolo Bharat

Patanjali Kimbho App Download – Steps

Don’t you guys want to know the Patanjali Kimbho App Download Steps? Yes? Just have a look-

  • Simply go to the Google Play Store
  • Search for the Kimbho App
  • Now, download and install the app to have conversations with your friends


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