Kerala Assembly Election Results 2016 – Live Vote Counting Updates

Kerala Assembly Election Results 2016 – Live Vote Counting Updates

Kerala Assembly Election 2016 Results | Live Vote Counting of Kerala Elections 2016 

Update – Constituency Wise Kerala Election Winner Name pdf File Updated

Kerala Elections 2016 Live Vote CountingKerala, often touted as God’s own country, is a small state located in the southern-most part of India alongside Tamil Nadu. The state of Kerala is one of the most literate states having a literacy rate of more than 91%. The state-level elections have been planned during the year of 2016. Kerala has a total of 140 seats.

The elections in 2011 did not lead to the formation of a majority government, causing a coalition to be formed. The election fever has gripped the southern part of the country where both the southern-most states have their elections around the same time. The date of polling is set on May 16th 2016. The results are updated as soon as the counting is done, which is on the 19th of May. Using the below given chart, you will get live updates of Kerala election results 2016. 

Kerala Election Results 2016 {Assembly} Live Vote Counting 

Kerala Assembly Election Result 2016


Constituency Wise Kerala Election Result | Candidate Names pdf

This election is going to be even more intriguing because of the simple fact that there are going to be three major powers fighting, unlike the two, which has always been. The entry of BJP in contention along with UDF and LDF has brought about a different dimension to this election. The constituency-wise result updates can be obtained from the official Kerala elections website on the day of counting. The number of constituencies are 140 and each constituency will have a person standing for the election from each party. Constituency-wise results are important because people should know the minister in-charge of their constituency and know who their elected leader is. The capital constituency will be taken over by the winning party.

How to Check Live Vote Counting Updates of Kerala Elections

Live vote counting is just a matter of switching on the television and tuning into the news channels, which will show the live counting process along with timely updates and the final results will be announced once the winning party has emerged as the majority. The formation of a coalition is always a possibility, as in the previous term.

Live vote counting is just a matter of updating. Different channels might show different results at the start of the counting. If the channel is owned by a politician standing for the elections, that channel might broadcast his party as winning until the final closure of counting takes place, by when the complete results will be out. Therefore, getting live updates is better from a neutral channel, which will depict the counting as it is. However, it is quite difficult, for various reasons undisclosed. Good luck with your voting and let the deserving candidate win.

What Do the Exit Polls Say About Kerala Assembly Election 2016 Results – 

The recent exit polls have brought some interesting results, take a look –

Here are the expected results for 140 seats of Kerala –

Parties Chanakya India Today-Axis C-voter
LDF 75 +/- 9 88-101 74-82
UDF 57 +/- 9 38-48 54-62
BJP+ 8 +/-4 0-3 0-4


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