Karnataka Election Winner Candidate List 2018 | Constituency/Seat Wise MLA Name List

Karnataka Election Winner Candidate List 2018 | Constituency/Seat Wise MLA Name List

Karnataka Election 2018 BJP/Congress/JD(S) Winner Candidate List | Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 Constituency/ Seat Wise Winner MLA Candidate Name List | Karnataka Election BJP Winner MLA List | Karnataka Election 2018 Congress MLA Candidate Name list



UPDATE – Counting Started! Kindly wait till we have information regarding winner candidates. Till then, You can Check Karnataka Election Live Vote Counting

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Hello Friends, In this Article we are sharing the Names of Winner Candidates in Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Results. You will come to know the Name of All the Winner MLA Candidates of BJP, Congress & JD(S). All the interested voters of Karnataka can find out Who has won which assembly constituency has been won by which candidate of which Party.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 Winner Candidate List (BJP, Congress, JD(S))

As you know, there are 224 Assembly constituency seats in Karnataka. In order to Form Government in the State, any party would require Support of At least 113 MLA’s. So, In order to understand which Party will Form Government in Karnataka in 2018, It is mandatory to Know the names of Karnataka Election 2018 Winner MLA Candidates.

Live Vote Counting of Karnataka Election Result is currently going on. We are getting an update in every minute or so and we are updating the Party Wise Name of Winner Candidates in Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018. All Interested voters are advised to check our Constituency Seat Wise Winner Candidate List.

Constituency Seat Wise Karnataka Election 2018 Winner Candidate Name List 

There are total 224 Assembly constituencies, So there will be 224 Winner MLA’s in Karnataka Election Results. Out of these 224 Winner Candidates, Some will belong to BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party), INC (Congress) & JD (S) [Janata Dal Secular]. Once the Final result is declared, We will have Partywise Winner Candidate names updated in the list below.

In case, no party is able to win 113 Seats, the things will become more interesting. Then we will see classic Politics and Don’t be amazed if you see MLA’s from BJP Supporting congress or Vice Versa. Anything is Possible Friends!

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By 11:00 am we will have the Final Result. All the information in the above-given List will be updated and you will be left with Final and accurate information regarding Karnataka Election 2018 Winner MLA Candidate List for Every Constituency Seat.

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