[jiodevices.online] Truth Behind Jio DTH Pre Booking/Registration @ Rs. 10 | True or Fake?

[jiodevices.online] Truth Behind Jio DTH Pre Booking/Registration @ Rs. 10 | True or Fake?

The Truth Behind Jio Device Online Website that Claims that Users Can Pre Book Jio DTH at Just Rs. 10 | Jiodevices.online Website Real or Fake? Is Jio DTH Really Available for a Prebooking amount of Rs. 10

Ever Since First Images of Jio DTH were Found on Social Media Platforms were found, Jio Lovers got excited. The reason behind their excitement was that they believed that Jio is about to Launch it’s DTH Service and that also with exciting and cheapest ever prices. This news spread like a fire because at that time Jio had also launched it’s Sim Card that was offering High Speed Data at unbelievable prices.

Recently a News Regarding Jio DTH is going Viral. People Claim that Pre Booking has Started and To Pre Book your Jio DTH you will have to Pay Just Rs. 10. 10 Rs. is not a big amount Right? So, many people are believing this news blindly and Pre Booking So Called “Jio DTH”. In this Whole Article My Focus is to reveal the Truth behind a website     jiodevices.online that is giving the opportunity to the users to Pre Book Jio DTH for Rs. 10. I have done considerable amount of research and sharing the Facts in this Article.

Jio Devices Online Jio DTH Booking – Online Registration | Real or Fake?

Before Going into the details i am presenting some facts Regarding Jio. Trust Me, these facts will help you to understand this matter clearly.

  • Jio Network is the World’s Largest Data Network
  • ShahRukh Khan is the Brand Ambadassor of Reliance Jio
  • 200 Crore Minutes is the Daily Voice & Video Calling Usage
  • 100 Crore GB Per Month are Consumed by Jio Customers
  • After Jio Launch, India moves from 155 to No. 1 on the planet as far as Mobile Data Consumption.

You Might be Confused that why i am presenting these facts and what these have to do with the DTH Booking. My Point of showing this information is that Jio is considerably Big Company and is being trusted by Millions of Users in India.

  • Why on Earth Will they Launch their DTH Service so silently.
  • Are there no sufficient funds available with the company so that they call advertise Jio DTH Launch on Television, Internet or Newspaper?
  • And Why would they launch a different website for Jio DTH and name it to “Jiodevices.online”?
  • Why there is no mention of Jio DTH Launch or Pre Booking at their Official Website jio.com

The Truth my Friends is that Some Selfish People know that there are millions of Jio Fans in the country who are eagerly waiting for the Launch of Jio DTH. That’s why Some spammers decided to launch a website that Looks like Jio Official Website. They are trying to Fool the People by saying that you need to Pay Only Rs. 10 for Pre Booking. This is Just a Trap my friends, Beware!

Most of the People Smoke a Cigarette that costs more than 10 Rupees in India. So, this amount is nothing for them. That’s why many of us will Pay 10 Rs. without even thinking for once. If 10,000 People Go to this Website and Complete this Booking, the Spammers will get Rs. 1 Lakh. So, You can understand how big this Scam is !

Jio DTH Booking at Rs. 10 – This News is Absolutely Fake & Spam

Jio DTH Scam

Now i will list some points that will prove that jiodevices.online website is Fake –

  • There is a already known website of Jio which is Jio.com. Why Would Jio Need to Launch a new website for selling it’s products like Jiofi, Jio Phone & Jio DTH
  • Whenever Payments are accepted online, connection must be secure. It should be https:// nor http://, But this is not the case with the Fake Website jiodevices.online. Infact, when you go to the Payment page, Browser also gives error

  • In this Fake Website, there is No Option to Login or Register because they know they can’t handle it
  • Here is the Most Interesting One. Here are the WHOIS Details of the Website Owner (Most Probably Fake Details)

So, Friends i Advise you Guys to Stay Away from Such Spammy Websites. There is not even .1% doubt that website is a Fake. 

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