Indian Government Launches free Antivirus softwares for Android & PC plus USB security tool | Mkavach antivirus App for Android Mobiles, AppSamvid for Windows & USBPratirodh for Windows – Download & Install Now

In this cyber world, security is extremely important. There are uncountable ways using which hackers can target mobiles, PC’s, printers etc. In simple terms any device that is connected to internet can be hacked if proper safety measures are not taken. Indian government seems quite serious about this as a project named as “Cyber Swachhta Kendra” has been launched. World level engineers have worked together to provide safety solutions for free to people. Govt. has launched antivirus softwares for mobiles and PC’s i.e. Laptop, Desktop etc. Along with antivirus, a special software has also been launched to make sure the USBss devices are free from any sort of viruses. The name of the antivirus for mobile is Mkavach. The desktop antivirus software is AppSamvid and the USB security software has been named as USBPratirodh. In this article we will tell you how to download and install these softwares for free.

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Download mkavach antivirus app for Android

Download AppSamvid Antivirus for Windows PC

Download USB Pratirodh Software for Windows PC

Govt’s Free Antivirus Download – Mkavach for Android & Samvid for PC

There are different ways using which hackers can break into smartphones or PC’s. As most of the smartphones run on android, hackers try to find vulnerability and exploit them. Same is the case for PC users. Most of the users run “windows” . As both of these are different platforms, different type of antivirus softwares should be there. Considering all this, government has launched different antiviruses for both Android and Windows PC.

Govt’s Mobile Antivirus AppMkavach

Govt’s Windows Antivirus SoftwareAppSamvid

One more type of hacking that is popular these days is done via USB drives. Hackers infect usb drives with viruses or infections that are not detected by many of the antivirus tools. For this type of issue another tool named as USBPratirodh has been launched.

Now let’s get started and find out how to download and use these, one by one

AppSamvid|Mkavach |USBpratirodh Download

Name of the Project – Cyber Swachhta Kendra

Softwares developed byCDAC Team

Software TypesAntivirus, USB protection

Download Mkavach App for Android

Follow the given steps to download and install, mkavach antivirus app on your android phone.

mkavach antivirus for Android

  • Once there, click on the “install” button
  • Now, the mkavach app will be installed on your system
  • Click on the “Open” option
  • Now the app will be opened. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions
  • After that you need to grant all the asked permissions
  • After that you will be asked to provide a “recovery number”,  “your own mobile number”, Security Pin. You will also have to set security question
  • The recovery number set via you will be verified via OTP

USBPratirodh Software Free Download for Windows- 32/64 bit

USB Pratirodh is the tool that will do two important things on your PC.

  • You can add extra layer of security by setting username and password on the usb drive. This means that only the person that know the username and password will be able to access the drive
  • This software will also scan the USB drive for malware

USBpratirodh software

Steps to Download –

  • Visit this page to download the software
  • Select your windows version and to start the download
  • Once downloaded install the software

Download Govt’s Free Antivirus Software for PC – AppSamvid

After the android app, mkavach, let’s talk about govt’s free antivirus tool for Desktop and Laptops. The name of the software is Samvida. Let’s find out how to download the samvida antivirus for free.

Appsamvid Antivirus