Haryana Apna Khata Land Record Online |Check Khewat, Khatauni, Hissa

Haryana Apna Khata Land Record Online |Check Khewat, Khatauni, Hissa

Haryana Apna Khata Online, Haryana Land Record Apply Online for Intkal, Jamabandi Nakal | Check Khewat, Khatauni, Hissa number Online

Haryana Apna Khata is a name given to the Haryana Land record online services. Haryana government has launched various online services related to land records information in the state of Haryana. One can easily apply for land records, Intkal Nakal & Jamabandi Nakal. Also, the user can find out his/her Khewat number, Khatauni Number and Hissa number. In this article, we are going to provide you the step by step process for doing these things.

Haryana Apna Khata – Land Records Online

The online services have made it easier for the citizens. Earlier the process of obtaining Jamabandi Nakal or Intkal nakal was very hectic. The applicant had to visit the office manually and complete various other formalities. Now, due to technological advancements, all these things can be easily done online. However, to do this one must possess basic computer knowledge. Let’s Get Started

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Online

Recently, many users have been asking about the process of obtaining the Jamabandi Nakal online in Haryana. That’s why we are writing this detailed article. Kindly follow each step carefully to obtain the copy of Jamabandi –

Apna Khata Haryana Online Nakal Services

  • First of all, Visit the Online Application Form page for Nakal Services
  • Now select your District, Area, Town/Village Name
  • Then select the “Issuing Authority” which is usually “Tehsildar”
  • Then in the Nakal option, Select “Jamabandi”
  • Then Enter the Nakal number, Name, Aadhaar Number, Address, Khewat/Khasra/Khata/Intkal number
  • After that enter the code that you see in the image at that page (Captcha Code)
  • Then Click on the “Submit” Button
  • Now you will get the Jamabandi nakal in pdf format

Get Intkal Nakal Online in Haryana

If you are interested to obtain the Intkal nakal online in Haryana, then you should follow all the steps mentioned above BUT in the Nakal option select, “Intkal” in place of Jamabandi

How to Find Khewat/Khatauni/Khasra/Hissa Number Online in Haryana

If you are interested in finding out your Khewat number, Khatauni number, khasra or Hissa number, you can easily find it online. Here are the steps to do it easily –

Haryana online jamabandi nakal

  • Then Select the Name of your District
  • Then Select your Tehsil/Sub Tehsil
  • After that select your Village and click on “Submit” Button
  • After this new page will open up, where you have to make the selection in the “Owner List”
  • Select owner type from the list and the page will load again
  • Then select the name of the owner and wait for the page to load again
  • After this, the details of the owner will be loaded. You can then see Khewat Number, Khatauni Number, and Hissa Number

haryana intkal online


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