Google Tez App Download (For Android/iOS/PC) .apk | Review

Tez App Download | Download Google Tez App on Android,iOS & PC | Tez App .apk Download | Review of Google Tez Online Payment App

You will be glad to know that Google is entering the Digital Payment Market in India. Yes, that’s right. On 18th of September 2017, i.e. Monday, Google announce a UPI based payment App which has been given the name “Tez”. This app was launched in New Delhi by our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley. In Hindi Language, Tez means fast. So, by giving this name google is telling that this UPI app will be fast. The news regarding this launch was first published on the “Ken news” portal. Google Tez App could be the future of Payment ser

In this article, we will discuss all available information regarding this UPI payment app by Google. What is Tez app all about ? What are it’s features. & Most importantly how to Download Tez App on Android,iOS & even on PC. You will even get the Direct Download links. We are also covering, a short review in the end.

Tez App Download -Google Tez App

I have used the word,UPI earlier in the article too. If you are not sure what it means, let me clear this out. UPI means Unified Payment Interface. This technology makes the online transaction speed lightening fast. It Feels like that the sending or receiving of money is taking place in real time. As soon as you click on Submit button, the second party will receive the message regarding the transaction. And when Google start supporting UPI technology, it simply means one thing – “Fast, Secure Transactions plus Best possible user interface. So, what are you waiting for, Download Google Tez

Engineers at Google, spend thousand on Man hours to assure that the app they are developing give best experience to its users. Technology has been in the core of Google. From the very beginning, Google believed to implement latest available technologies. Tez UPI App is live example of this.

Official Name of the AppTez

App Developed byGoogle India

Nature of Tez AppUPI Based Payment App

Launch DateApp will be launched during a Google Event on 18th of September 2017

App AvailabilityOn Android Platform (No update regarding the availability on iOS or other platforms has been made)

Google Tez App Download for Android

If you are android user, use the below given steps to download the tez app –

  • First of All Open Google Play Store
  • Type – Tez App
  • Or Simply Visit the Direct Play Store Link from HERE
  • Now Click on the Install button
  • The Download process will start & after the download the App will be automatically installed
  • Click on “Open” to Start Using this App

Download Tez .apk File

We do not store any type of apk files on our servers. We believe that it is risky & Against the policies of Software developers. If you still want to download the apk file. You can do so by visiting any “Google Store to apk” websites. Typing this query will result in various websites, where you will have to put the Google Store’s link of app and they will provide you .apk file. Do it at your own risk

Download Tez App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Google Tez Payment App for PC

You will be glad to know that soon Google is going to Integrate this app for PC users. However. let us clear that this doesn’t mean that this app will can be downloaded from Windows Store. Google has confirmed that PC users will be able to access Tez app on their PC’s using the Google Chrome Browser. So, if you are interested to use the Google Tez app on your PC, you should be a Google Chrome User.

Is there any other way to Use Tez App on PC ?

Yes. You can get Tez app installed on your Windows 0r MAC PC using Android Emulators. Here are the Steps –

Features of Google Tez App

  • This app will support Unified Payment Interface(UPI)
  • This app will work Like Digital Wallet
  • This app will integrate with E-commerce & other leading portals
  • Users will be able to store money in the Google Tez App Account
  • This app will support creation of UPI ID
  • Within this app users will have the option to transfer & send money at lightening fast speeds, securely
  • In the upcoming Android Updates in India, users will find this app Pre-Installed
  • Using this app, users will be able to pay money in a fraction on second on PoS (Point of Sales)
  • Users will be able to use this App on their Desktops using the “Widget” Service on Google Chrome

Tez App Review

Although the app is to be released yet, there is plenty information available regarding this app. Rather then Giving the review, at this time, i will like share my personal thoughts regarding this mobile app

Currently very few providers are giving the facility of Wallet as well as UPI service. Google, after offering both of these services in one app, might attract the users. If the functionality like mobile, DTH recharge is provided this app will directly compete with Paytm, Freecharge & other wallets. It is expected that Google will provide Higher monthly limit of Digital Money Storage. If this happens, more users from current wallet providers can shift to Google Tez app.

Note – Kindly Wait till 18th September for complete Hands on Review.

Google Tez App Availability

It is clear that this app will support Android. However, no statement regarding the availability on iOS has been recorded. Another interesting point regarding Tez app is that Desktop users will also be able to use this app, Using Google Chrome. More details regarding this will be shared soon.

Android Availability – Tick

Windows Availability – Tick

iOS Availability – Tick


Conclusion – The name Google has a lot of reputation behind it. Whenever Google launches any product, it is usually a big event and millions of users show their interest. We believe that Google will not disappoint its Indian Fans with the Launch of Tez UPI app. We are sure that this app will bring revolution in the Online payment services in India