Freedom 251 Booking Issues – Website not Working ? What to do?

Freedom 251 Booking Issues – Website not Working ? What to do?

Freedom 251 Online Booking Problems – Website Server Crashed ! What should you do now?

Freedom 251 buy nowWe know how excited you are to get your very own smartphone worth Rs.251 . The Freedom 251 Online booking started early today i.e. from 6: a.m.. However the booking didn’t go so well. It felt that the web-masters were not expecting that much response. In this article we will be discussing about all these problems with Freedom 251 registration. We will also tell you what you should do to get the phone.

Freedom 251 – Can’t Book Online | Issues

Recently at the official page, a message is being displayed. The message says that, the website is getting almost 6 lakh hits every second due to which server is crashing frequently. It is also mentioned that the issue will be resolved within 24 hours and the website will start functioning properly.

Here is the message at the website –

freedom 251 booking issues

Here are the problems that have been faced today while booking the phone –

  • Early morning the website wasn’t even opening. I tried few times but no luck !
  • At around 8:45 am, the website seemed to work fine. It was possible to add the item to cart. But when the submit button was pressed after entering the required details, the page kept on refreshing
  • Again in the afternoon, the interested users could see the message, the details of which have been addressed above.

Why are there problems in Booking Freedom 251 Smartphone?

The server used in the website seems unable to handle the response. Without any doubt, it is very challenging the handle so much users at once, but this all should have been managed earlier.

As we know, everybody was interested to get one when the news regarding this cheapest smartphone was told. the concerned organization should have managed to get the topmost server. This arrangement should have provided better user experience.

However, it is good to see that they are working on fixing the problem and website will be up and working soon.

Can’t Book Freedom 251 Right Now ? What to Do ?

  • If there are server issues, you can’t really do much. But yes, it is important that you stay informed and start ordering as soon as the website start working properly. We have come up with some steps that you can follow –
  • Open up the official portal at various browsers in your system
  • Keep refreshing the pages after some time
  • You can use “auto refresh” plugins to automate this task
  • When the website starts working fine, you can go ahead and place your order.

Important –

Rather than opening the homepage and looking for the buy option, we are providing you the direct link that can be used once the portal is up and running.

Freedom 251 Direct Buy LinkĀ 

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