Find Vehicle Owner Name/Address by Registration (Plate) No. – Step by Step

We sometime find ourselves in a situation where we want to know the Details of the vehicle owner. The only information available to us is usually the vehicle registration number or Plate No. Example of such situation include – Accident, Bad behavior of Driver etc. etc. In this Article, i am going to reveal a method using which you can Find out the Vehicle owner name by Registration Number. The Process is very simple and you will get result instantly. Let’s Get Started.

Find Vehicle Owner Name by Registration /Plate Number

In this Article, i will be sharing two methods using which you will surely find out on whose name the vehicle is. If you are also interested in the Address, unfortunately you won’t be able to get that. But you will come to know the Registered Licensing Authority (RLA) Name. You can contact the RLA and find out the address too. 

These are the Two methods, i was talking about :

  1. Find Vehicle Owner Details Online by Registration Number without App
  2. Finding Vehicle Owner Information by Plat Number using Official App

Know Vehicle Owner Name by Registration Number Online using Official Website

Make Sure you have the Registration Number (Vehicle Plate Number) with you. Using this method you will be able to get information without having to download any mobile application. All you need is a web browser like Chrome or UC Browser.

Now, Follow these Steps:

Visit the Official Website of Transport Department i.e. “Vahan Citizen Services” Portal

Official Website of Transport Department Parivahan Sewa

Go to the “Online Services” Section and Click on “Know your Vehicle Details”

Step 1 to check Vehicle owner name by plate number

This will open up a new page, where you will be asked to Enter the Vehicle Registration Number

Step 2 to check vehicle owner details online

  • Enter the Vehicle Plate number and Captcha Code and then Click on “Check Status”
  • In the Next Step, you will able to see the Details of the Vehicle Owner Like Vehicle Name, Owner Name, Concerned RLA etc.

Vehicle Owner information online

Find Vehicle Owner Information by Registration Number – Using Mobile App

In this method you will have to Download & install App on your Smartphone. Let’s Get Started –

  • Open up your Android or iOS Store and Search for “mParivahan” App or Simple use the Direct Link
  • Click on the first link to Start the Download
  • Once Downloaded, Click on the Open Link

m parivahan official website

  • Once the App Opens up, You will have to Give Permissions. After it the App will Load
  • On the Top left Hand Side, Tap on “RC” and Enter the “Vehicle Number” and tap on the Search icon

m parivahan find details step 1

  • Within Few Seconds you will be able to view the details of the Vehicle Owner like Name, Vehicle type etc

m parivahan find details step 1

As you can see, the Process of Finding vehicle owner name by Registration number is very simple. The information can be obtained by following anyone of these two methods. I hope this Article helped you. Kindly share your feedback in the comments section below.