Modi Free School Bag Vitaran Yojana – Fake Bag distribution Scheme

Modi Free School Bag Vitaran Yojana – Fake Bag distribution Scheme

Narendra Modi Free School Bag Distribution Scheme | Modi Muft School Bag Yojana – Truth Behind the website

Hello Friends! Whenever Prime Minister Speaks at any Rally, he announces schemes now and then. Many such schemes are currently functional, some will start soon. Some People try to mislead the people of our country by sharing some unverified news. One such news these days is “Modi Free School Bag Yojana”.

In this article, we will uncover the truth behind a fake scheme called “Narendra Modi Nishulk School Bag Vitaran Yojana”. Let’s Get Started!

Truth Behind Modi Free School Bag Distribution Scheme

Whenever any minister announces any scheme, it is covered by Media. Almost all news channels, newspapers cover this type of story. Also, Official websites display this type of information. It is impossible that any scheme that is launched by our minister is not covered by Media.

Recently, many people have been asking about a scheme called “Modi Nishulk School Bag Vitran Yojana”. After research, I found that a website namely “” is associated with this scheme. Soon after taking a look at the website name I was sure that this website is misleading the people.

Also, I tried to explore various news websites and Official PMO Website too but I couldn’t find any Free School Bag Distribution Scheme.

According to me, The Modi Free School Bag Distribution Scheme is Fake and currently no such scheme has been launched by the Government. All people are hereby informed to not trust any news or Website that is promoting this scheme.

Modi Muft Bag Yojana Scam – Fake Website “”

A few Days ago, I disclosed the Truth Behind Modi Free Laptop Yojana Hoax. This Free Bag scheme is also a similar scenario. The Look of this fake website ( Website is similar to the fake websites related to Free Laptop Distribution.

Here is the website screenshot:



The mentioned fake website asks users to register for this scheme. The Options to Enter the Student Name, Father’s Name are given. Then the user will have to select the State. After you hit the register button, you will see this:

So, According to this website, In order to verify your details, you will have to Share this Fake scheme to at least 10 Friends on Whatsapp. Isn’t that Funny? 

Conclusion – This Scheme is not real and the website associated with this scheme is also fake. You should not trust such fake schemes and websites. Next time you see such scheme, try to verify the authenticity of the information by looking up at news portals.

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