Electric Vehicle Subsidy Scheme Delhi | FAME Scheme 2018

Purchase Electric Vehicle & Delhi & Get Subsidy by Government | Delhi Govt.’s FAME Scheme | Delhi Govt. Subsidy Scheme for Electric Cars, Scooters & Bikes

FAME scheme is the short form of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicle scheme. It has been launched by the Central Government. The main purpose to enact this scheme is to promote eco-friendly vehicles. As per this FAME scheme, 95% of the vehicles would be of mild diesel hybrid version, only 3% would be strong hybrid version and 2% of electric cars. In the version of mild diesel hybrid vehicles, there will be minimum use of the electric motor which will result in fuel and emissions saving. Studies say, as compared to conventional diesel vehicles, mild diesel hybrid vehicles will save around 15% more fuel and emissions.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Subsidy Scheme 

Electric Vehicle Subisdy Delhi

The State Government of Capital Delhi is going to launch the Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme in the following year. As per this scheme, some incentives will be provided by the Delhi Government to those people who will be willing to switch from fossil fuels to cleaner energy or you can say Electric Vehicles. A suitable ecosystem and infrastructure will be needed to create the State Government in order to make a shift to Electric Buses.



Electric Vehicle Subsidy Yojana Delhi 2018 | FAME Scheme

Under Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2018, various incentives will be provided by the Central Government as well as by the Delhi Government to the buyers for purchasing electric vehicles. This will improve the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles and sales as well. The main objective of Delhi Electric Vehicle Subsidy Yojana 2018 is to provide the better standard of living to the people in a healthy environment. This is the reason that Delhi government will bring electric vehicles in an auto component sector. The subsidy will be provided for the consumption of power in electric vehicles. Moreover, Delhi Government is also trying to reduce the cost of Electric vehicles by various measures.

Main Features of Delhi Electric Vehicles (Cars,Bikes) Subsidy Program – FAME

  • All the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) and Indian Manufacturers will be provided a support by the Delhi Government.
  • According to this scheme, several initiatives will be taken by the Delhi Government such as lower road taxes and inter-operable charging systems.
  • Electric buses will be introduced by the State Government very soon.
  • For implementing these features, an Expression of Interest Application (EOI) has been sent to the Ministry of Heavy Industries.
  • The net worth of the whole scheme will be around 3 million IRs.
  • As per planning, 100 Electric buses will be launched in Delhi. The amount of subsidy given by the Central Government will be of 1 crore for each bus.

Provisions of the previously launched scheme:

Earlier, the FAME scheme was launched by the central Government in the year 2015. At that time, Initiatives were also offered for purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles. The amount of the initiatives were given of Rs 1.38 lakh for cars and Rs 29000 for bikes. FAME ( Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles) scheme is an important part of National Electric Mobility Mission Plan.