Download Gram Samvad App – Benefits|Features of Samvaad Mobile App

Gram Samvad App | Features & Benefits of Gram Samvad Mobile Application – Download Gram Samvad App on  Android/iOS Smartphone

However, backbone, the agriculture sector in India has always remained behind the growth curve. Dependent on natural rains for cultivation, Indian agriculture sector rarely had an opportunity to witness innovations. The scenario has changed in last one decade. And in last three years, the process of digitization has helped agriculture sector using more technology and information to the benefits of the farmers.

Overview of Gram Samvad App:

Gram Samvaad App

Adding a new dimension to this paradigm shift, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi launched Gram Samvad App. With this mobile application, the government is determined to provide result-oriented and knowledge-enhancing information to the farmers across the nation. The app was launched with the purpose of providing better communication way between the government and rural areas.

It is a citizen-centric mobile app that is developed by the Ministry of Rural Development to empower the citizens of rural areas. This app was launched in the favour of farmers who find difficulty to get updates on the schemes inaugurated by the government due to communication gap. The app will become an effective tool for providing information and updates on the government schemes and the benefits to the villagers. With the app launching, the government has targeted ‘Suchna Se Sakshatirkan’.

Features of Gram Samvad App:

  • Using this mobile app, citizens of rural area can directly get information
  • It works as a single platform for various programs and welfare schemes by the Ministry of Rural Development
  • It helps to stay updated with the latest news and happenings of agriculture sector
  • Not just this app will keep users updated, but it also works as a platform to share views, opinions, and problems

Download Gram Samvad App for Android, iOS

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from iTunes Apple Store. Open google play store, search app name in the search box, and download it from there. The app is supported on the android phone with android version 4.4 or above.

The Gram Samvad App comes as an effective approach to communication and gathering information directly from the app keeps the transparency. Not just this step will provide an accurate information to citizens, but will also help to make them digitally empowered and may lead to creating India, a Digital India!

Benefits of Gram Samvad App

  • New cultivation techniques will be  made available to the farmers
  • Information about weather can be provided
  • Information about seasonal crops will be provided
  • The price structure and MSP information can be provided
  • Government procurement policy and their centres will be informed
  • The farmers will be provided with information for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Farmers will be able to share their experiences and seek to advise
  • Experts can provide vital information for greater growths

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