Digilocker Official Site Down|Server Error, Login Sign Up [Registration] Issues

Digilocker Website Not Working, Problems with Signing in, Registering on the Digilocker Website, Issues and Solutions

Hello friends ! Recently the government launched the Digilocker Yojana and very proudly informed the people about the scheme. But the sad news is that the concerned department hasn’t prepared accordingly.  Some times the page is opening, sometimes it isn’t. Clicking on the Registration and Log in pages is taking forever to open. This is really a big issue and saddest part is that the problem hasn’t been recovered till now.

I am sure you guys too are facing the same problem. I would like to discuss the type of errors and cause of these issues.

Digilocker Website Problem – Official Portal Down

Digilocker Home Page Error

The very first problem is the loading of homepage. Clicking on the homepage results in nothing, user sees loading sign for at least 5 minutes and then suddenly an error is appearing, it looks like this –

Digilocker Server Down

Digilocker Website Registration/Sign Up Problem

If you are lucky enough to see the home page opened, you will face various other problems. The very first is the Signing up or Registration. At the home page, when you click on the sign up option, most of the time it is not opening and giving the same error as mentioned above.

Digilocker Log in Error

Another issue being faced is the one while logging in. Even after entering the correct username and password, you will encounter Database error, which looks like this –

Digilocker error 2

Digilocker Forget Password Error 

I have also witnessed the problem in resetting the password. I actually forgot the password and try to rest it. Clicking on the “Forget password” link will open up a page where you are asked to either enter your aadhaar card number or you will also notice a link below that says reset password using the number if not linked with aadhaar card. I tried using that option and to my surprise, it gives a error saying that the number is not registered.

The thing that surprises me is that i have previously logged in many times.


Any national level service required extensive testing before going live. It is the job of technical people to make sure that every thing goes fine. Also, being a govt. website one can’t expect such problems. These issues usually take place in small website that use cheap servers and bad coding.

Issues can arise anywhere anytime but problem management is another thing. If the same error is on the website for more than 24 hours it surely raise questions. Now, let”s wait and see when the website starts working properly again.

  • I am facing the same issue:
    Technical details

  • Tushar R Patil says:

    It’s a very poor show from the GOI. Extensive trials should have been done before launching the app. It shows again how poor we are for the dream of digital India

  • I’m also facing same problem
    also send mail to support they didn’t replied

  • Vinothraj says:

    I am facing login issue, after putting correct username and password, it shows error.

    also i could not link my aadhar card, it creates the OTP no, I am getting OPT no in my mobile. but if i enter the OTP in the box, authentication failed – error message coming.

  • ajaya choudhury says:

    Very good initiative but ,
    “Unable to send OTP” msg comes whenever trying to link with aadhar.

    Sign up to Digilocker also next takes many days.

    I think this app is not working.

    Govt should keep it live healthily or kill it.

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