Delhi Liquor License Online 2017 – Application Form

Delhi Liquor License Online 2017 – Application Form

How to Get Liquor License Online in New Delhi | Delhi Liquor License Online Application Form

Now the good news for all restaurants, hotels, clubs, and pubs who want to serve Liquor in their organization in Delhi. Yes, it is true and good news for all pubs and hotels. Delhi Government launches the portal to apply online for Wine & Beer Shop/Liquor License in Delhi. Many times we see that hotels or pubs facing many difficulties to receive Delhi Liquor Serving License. Hence government will solve the problem of all hotels owners to receiver liquor license. This is the best process to apply online. No need to visiting for any government department such as excise department for the license of liquor.

Delhi Liquor/Wine & Beer Shop License 2017

The Online Liquor License Program is launched by Delhi Chief Minister in Excise Department. This is the very important decision taken by Delhi government to make the process easy of Liquor License. Liquor is not a normal drink. We know some type of Liquor is very harmful to our body. They cost of the Liquor is also very high. Hence, this is not a normal drink that every restaurant can serve. If you want to serve the Liquor get the online license.

Benefits of Online Liquor License

  • This process becomes fully online and we all know the difference between the online and offline process. Now India is becoming more developing countries and the country would take steps to become paperless. The entire online scheme reduces the paperwork and that will good for our environment also.
  • In Online Process users can apply safely and without facing any hurdles.
  • No need to going many offices and departments to get approval for serving Liquor in Delhi.
  • Just click and apply online on the portal of Excise Department, Delhi Government.
  • The decision is in the favor of all Restaurants, Hotel, Clubs and Pubs Owners.

Applying Form Wine & Beer/Liquor Shop in Delhi

Before Applying, you should be aware of different liquor (Wine & Beer Shop) licenses –

L-1 License, L-2 License,L-3/L-5 License,L-4 License,L-19 License,L-49 License

  • The process of applying Delhi Liquor License Online is very easy and same as the old offline process in Excise Department. It is completely same as the offline process of applying for the liquor license.
  • In the recent reports of Delhi Government Excise Department, it was stated that stop been accepting offline applications for the liquor license.
  • Liquor is many types serving in hotels and restaurants. P-10 is also the form of Liquor serving only private parties, marriages, events and this is already in online applying scheme. Hence this is the new scheme for online applying scheme.

How to Apply Online for Delhi Liquor License Online 2017

  • You can visit the official portal for applying online for Delhi Liquor License:
  • The new rule of online application is for L-15, 16,17,18,19,20,21,28 and L-29 License. L-15 and L-16 are only serving in hotels and L-17 to L-19 License is for particular restaurants.

Liquor License New Delhi

  • Delhi Liquor License online, 2017 is the big relief to all the restaurant’s owners in Delhi. Until now restaurants are facing long process for getting the license of serving Liquor from Government. There are many steps such as visiting Excise Departments and many other offices. But now the process becomes easy and user-friendly.


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