Delhi Land Record [Bhulekh] Online – Khasra Khatuni Jamabandi Nakal

Delhi Land Record [Bhulekh] Online – Khasra Khatuni Jamabandi Nakal

Delhi Khasra Khatauni Nakal Online | East, West, North, South Delhi Bhulekh | Delhi Online Jamabandi Nakal & Khasra Number Identification | Check Property Ownership/Registration Online in Delhi

Delhi Government will change the land recording system. Now, the government has digitalized and computerized the Bhulekh Records online. The first district of Delhi, which has to be recorded land online, is Southwest Delhi. Now, the Delhi Land Records are available online for the common people. The government made provisions for six other districts of Delhi as well. The digitally recognized copies of the land system are available online and can be download from the official website of Delhi Government.

Delhi Land Record – Bhulekh/Apna Khata Online

The opinion of Chief Minister ARVIND Kejriwal- He addresses all the Delhi Government officials to implement the project properly. Now you can get all the required information regarding the land and Khasras in Delhi. This is one more step taken by Delhi government in the Digitization World. The first district adopts for the implementation of the Delhi Land Record Online (Khasra Khatuni Nakal) in South West District of Delhi. Now 78000 property and Khasra owner information are available on just one click of the mouse. In Delhi there are more than 1,80,000 Khasra are registered now with the owner information.

The whole project of Delhi Land Record Online targeted to implement in next six month in Delhi. The initiative also helps to Increase the transparency system in the documents of land and Khasra property. Now, the buyers in Delhi easily check all details regarding the owner of the land without facing any hurdles. Many times we see that people are facing the fraud and major loss in buying property. The government is adopting the project to solving all the issues regarding property or land purchase in Delhi.

Methods of Checking Property Details Online in Delhi

Using the below-given steps you check the property details online in Delhi. No Matter where in Delhi you reside, East, West, North or South Delhi, you can make use of this online services. Also, we want to share that the property details can be checked by entering any of these details –

Search by Khata No.

Search by Khasra Number

Search by Name

Check Property Registration/Ownership Online in Delhi via Bhulekh Portal

  • It is all about providing the complete computerized copies of the ROR (record of Rights) to the concerned landowners
  • The ROR will be provided only at the nominal rate of demand
  • The main objective of Delhi Land Record Portal is to increase the speed and accuracy
  • It is to increase the transparency and to enhance a perfect resolution system to the possible disputes
  • To provide relief from the colonial systems to the landowners
  • To enhance the decision making
  • Digitalization and modernization of the Land Administration

Delhi Bhulekh – Khasra/Khatauni/Jamabandi Nakal Online

  • The landowners can now check the Land Records online via three steps which are as follows-
  • First Step- The landowners will have to visit the official page of the land records department, 
  • Second Step- Start filling up the basic details including your district, sub-district, khata type, sub division, village, and you can check further details by choosing any one of the three- by name, by khasra number, or by khata number
  • Third Step- Finally, you can now click on the tab “VIEW KHATA DETAILS” so as to check the required details of your land

District Wise Delhi Bhulekh Land Record Information

No matter in which district you reside, the online information is accessible to all districts i.e. Central East New Delhi North North East North West SHAHDARA South South East South West West

Delhi Land Record Portal #1

Delhi Bhulekh Official portal #2

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