How to Contact Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Various Methods to Contact PM, PMO India Contact Details, PM Narendra Modi Contact Details

Contact PMO India PM Modi Contact DetailsWhat better sign of a perfectly functioning democracy than complete and entire accountability? If the people of a country are able to interact with the democratically elected leaders in a simple and reliable manner, it enables the country to be run more efficiently. This is exactly why direct communication channels to contact the Prime Minister of India are essential for the continued running of India as a democracy.

To contact the PMO in India there are various convenient channels that are set up, some of which are specified below:

PM Narendra Modi Contact Details – Contact PMO India

To contact the Prime Minister of India, the simplest way is to visit the official website. By logging on to the official PMO website by navigating to and performing a simple registration process after which it is possible to interact with the Prime Minister. This portal is maintained by the office of the Prime Minister and is one of the most reliable ways to contact the Prime Minister with ease.

How to Contact PM Narendra Modi’s Office – PMO India

The official website also provides other details such as the address, phone and fax numbers through which other conventional modes of communication can be attempted. The Prime Minister can be contacted by letter or postcard and also by fax by using the following contact address.

Web Information Manager

South Block, Raisina Hill

New Delhi – 110011

Phone number: +91 11 23012312

Fax: +91 11 23019545, 23016857

Another address which is available for the PMO is

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

7 Race Course Road

New Delhi

Use the Portal to Contact PMO India

There are various other methods available to contact the Prime Minister of India easily, and one of them is by registering on the portal. By navigating to the registration page or the sign up page, any user is given the opportunity to interact with the Prime Minister of India, either to express an opinion or to provide a suggestion.

The portal is one of the most popular platforms which encourage citizen engagement which is crucial in working towards good governance and governing practices in India. It can be noted that suggestions and critique from this portal have been heeded by the Prime Minister of India in the past.

Write an RTI to the Prime Minister of India

Any question or query directed to the Prime Minister of India can be addressed by using the RTI Act 2005. An RTI application can be sent relatively easily by spending only a fee of Rs. 10. There are various methods available to deposit the fee required for an RTI which includes cash deposited with the cashier or by using a demand draft or a bankers cheque for the amount. The draft can be drawn in favour of “Section Officer, Prime Minister’s Office” which is payable at the New Delhi Postal Order. Anyone with a valid proof of belonging to the BPL category is exempt from paying the fee.

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