CBSE Retest/Reexam Date 2018 | 10th/12th Maths/Economics Leaked Paper New Date

CBSE Retest/Reexam Date 2018 | 10th/12th Maths/Economics Leaked Paper New Date

CBSE Retest Date | CBSE Re-Exam Date | CBSE 10th Class Maths Retest Date & CBSE 12th Economics Exam New Date – CBSE Board Leaked/Cancelled Exams New Date Announced


As per the decision that was taken on 3rd April 2018, CBSE Mathematics (Class 10) Exam will not be retaken now. So Friends, Smile 🙂


CBSE Board 12th Economics Re Exam Date Announced. 10th Class Maths Retest Date to be Announced Soon

Hello CBSE Students! We have the latest news regarding the Retest Dates of 10th Class Mathematics Paper & 12th Class Economics Exam Date. Today i.e. on 30th March 2018 (Evening) the Re-Exam Dates have been announced. In this Article, we are sharing the Updates Regarding New Retest Dates of CBSE Board Economics & Maths Leaked Paper. Let’s Get Started

CBSE Re Exam Date | 10th/12th Maths/Economics Paper New Date

As all Students of CBSE Board 10th & 12th Class Know that the Paper of 10th Class Mathematics & 12th Class CBSE was cancelled. All the students were confused about the new dates of CBSE 10th & 12th Class Re-Exam Dates. Here, We are sharing the New Examination dates for Both Classes (10th Mathematics) & 12th (Economics). Let’s Get Started!

CBSE Class 10 Maths Re-Exam Date

As per ANI, The leaked Exam was restricted to Delhi & Haryana. This Means that the Students belonging to Delhi & Haryana will have to Appear for CBSE Mathematics Exam. The New Exam Date has not been declared yet but Within 15 Days, Students will be updated regarding CBSE Matric exam Re-Test Date.

CBSE Board 12th Class Economics Re-Test Date

The 12th Class Economics Exam New Date has been announced on 30th March 2018. The Exam will take place on 25th April 2018. This News was Shared by Mr Anil Swarup (Secretary, Education).

It is quite upsetting that the students have to go through this “Mental Torture”. Due to misdeeds of Few irresponsible people, Lakhs of Students are suffering. Students and Their Parents seem quite unsatisfied with this Whole Paper Cancellation. According to many of them, this incidence must not have taken place.

My (Writer of This Blog) personal Point of View

Yes, it is a difficult time for CBSE Class 10th & 12th Students. The Maths & Economics Paper Leak incident is shameful for the whole country. But it is not very appropriate to blame the government for this. It Seems that Some CBSE Personnel were involved in the Question Paper Leak Scam and Did this for their Benefit. 

Considering this scenario, I must say Govt. has done Good Work by Immediately Cancelling the Exam. Exam cancellation has ensured that no student can cheat. It is true that the innocent and hardworking students will have to once again prepare and appear for the Re-test but ultimately the hard working and loyal students will get Good Marks. So, Friends, DO not Overthink this Whole Issue. Rather than wasting your Time in thinking, You should Study much harder this time so that you can write the exam in a better way than Earlier. All the Very Best!

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