Avika Kavach Yojana Rajasthan – Sheep Insurance Scheme | Complete Details

Avika Kavach Yojana Rajasthan – Sheep Insurance Scheme | Complete Details

Avika Kavach Yojana | Rajasthan Sheep Insurance Scheme | Rajasthan Sarkar Sheep Insurance – Avika Kavach Yojana

As human beings, animals also have their lives and they are also getting affected due to the changing weather. A number of sheep are getting ill and even also dying. The government had taken numerous initiatives for the welfare of human beings and now, it is the turn of animals. The animals will now also get insured just like us. This great initiative comes under the Avika Kavach Yojana. There is great news for the sheep cattlemen, i.e., the insurance of sheep. The government will now pay the insurance amount if the sheep get ill or die because or any reason.

Apart from this, the disability of sheep also comes under this Sheep Insurance Scheme 2018. There are more than about 90 lakh sheep in the entire Rajasthan State. About 5.84 lakh sheep among these are living in the Nagaur District.

What is the insurance amount? How much premium amount is required to be paid by the cattleman? Don’t you want to get all these details? Yes? If so then just reading this article to stay tuned.

Avika Kavach – Yojana for Sheep Insurance in Rajasthan

According to this Sheep Insurance Scheme by Rajasthan Government, a family can insure about 5 unit sheep. Among such 5 units, a single unit includes 10 sheep. In other words, a single cattleman can insure about 50 sheep. This is really a great step taken by the Rajasthan Government. The sheep cattlemen can now get their sheep treated well in case of any disease. No more worries of the loss might be caused by an unfortunate death of sheep. The cattleman can also claim for the insurance amount if the sheep get die due to any of the possible natural calamities.

The scheme was earlier started on 2004 but unfortunately, it got wind up in 2008. Once again, the Avika Kavach Yojana has been started. The cattleman will have to pay a higher premium amount, i.e., 0.85% more on taking his sheep away for more than a distance of about 80km. He may need to pay about 1% premium amount on taking his sheep away for more than a distance of about 25 km.

How to get your sheep insured: Avika Kavach Yojana Rajasthan

  • The cattlemen can simply visit any of their nearby veterinary hospital/Animal husbandry Department to submit the proposal and get an approval
  • After this, he will have to keep a tag in his wolf’s ears to identify its identity along with clicking up a photograph with it
  • The expenses or such process will also be incurred by the company itself

Important documents to proceed-

  • Insurance application form
  • Health certificate of the sheep
  • The photograph of sheep with a tag in the ears
  • Bank account number and passbook
  • BP Card or SC/ST certificate of the cattlemen
  • Adhar card

Procedure of claiming for insurance amount-

  • The cattlemen would need to inform the concerned department about the sheep’s death within 6 hours. In case, the sheep may die during the night, the cattlemen would need to inform the department on the second day
  • Died sheep must have to be given to the concerned insurance company representative.
  • After verification, the Animal Husbandry Department will drop a message or email on your registered mobile number
  • Cattlemen would the need to file the claim by submitting the insurance certificate.

Apart from this, you can get the information related to Avika Kavach Yojana Rajasthan via Rajasthan Government’s Facebook Page

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