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Odisha Arpana Portal | Family Pension Revision Online Registration

What is ARPANA Portal? ARPANA basically stands for “Apply for Revision of Pension Using Aadhaar Number Authentication”. The Odisha Government has now started this online portal for the pensioners. Through this portal, they can now easily revise their pension. They need not get panic anymore. The one and only thing they may have to do is just to fill out the online application form. If you are one of those pensioners then you can simply fill up your application form via Aadhaar e-KYC process. The portal has been started for the welfare of he retiring pensioners in the entire state.

Do you want to know more details about the Odisha ARPANA Portal? If so, then you can simply visit the official portal of the Odisha State Government. Apart from this, you may keep reading our article to get the information related to the Online Registration 2018. Don’t worry; the government has now made it much easier to revise your pensions through this Family Pension Revision Scheme.

Family Pension Revision Scheme Odisha

Odisha Pension Revision Yojana

The objective of the Portal– Generally, the state governments always remain busy in facilitating numerous different schemes for the welfare of the society. Similarly, this ARPANA Portal is another great initiative taken by the Odisha State Government. The one and single motive of the government behind this online portal is to ease the process of revision of the pension. This advanced web portal named as ARPANA has been launched by the Odisha State Government. The main objective of the government is to help the pensioners while managing their pension amounts.

The retired pensioners need not face the hassles anymore under this Family Pension Revision Scheme. The government will help them revising their pensions easily without facing much more interruptions. The government has also taken different steps to ensure that the services of the portal must be easily accessible for all retiring pensioners.

Odisha Arpana Portal Online Registration 2018

The Online Registration 2018 has now been started through this ARPANA Portal. The retired pensioners can now check the entire information through the official portal via The portal has been launched by Naveen Patnaik (Chief Minister). The portal was launched on 21st November 2017 after getting approved from the Cabinet. The pensioners can now get the application form on the official portal. Just take care of such guidelines to fill up your form-

  • You need to visit the official portal
  • Complete the registration process
  • TYpe your name being registered on the Adhar Card
  • Also, provide your PPO number
  • The amount of the pension must be entered into the relevant field
  • Submit your valid mobile number
  • You will receive the OTP and then finally, you will be able to submit your form

The candidates can apply via online e as well as offline. You need to submit your Online Application via applying with the Adhar. On the contrary, you need to submit your Offline Application via applying without the Adhar Card.

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