Apply Online for Solar Power Plant & Solar Water Heating System in Haryana

Apply Online for Solar Power Plant & Solar Water Heating System in Haryana

Find out how to Apply Online for Solar Power Plant & Solar Water Heating System in Haryana

We all know the importance and benefits of solar products. Installing solar devices will reduce your dependency on traditional options and will also result in handsome benefit. Haryana government has come forward to give opportunity to all interested applicants to apply for Solar power plants and Solar water heating systems. In this article, you will know the step by step guide to apply online. Government is also providing Subsidy to all the interested applicants. Check details of Subsidy in the later section of article.

Now, before filling the online form, Please read the eligibility details below –

Note – Know the details already? SKIP TO FORM FILLING


  • Any individual or Non Domestic Sector Company, organization is eligible to apply
  • Enough Roof Space is required for Rooftop Power Plant i.e. shadow free area of about 9-10 square meter per kWp area

Solar Domestic Water Heater

This is an excellent product. Using this device you will be able to get hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning etc using the solar energy.

Types of Solar Water Heater 

  1. FPC(Flate Plate Collectors)
  2. ETC (Evacuated Tube Collectors)

FPC are metallic type  and have longer life.

Required Documents while Applying Online

Two soft copies of following documents are required

  • Bill Attachment/Photo of site (In case of Electricity availability).
  • System Invoice.
  • BIS Certificate.
  • Joint Commissioning Report of the system.
  • System Photo.
  • Bank details.

All Set ? Apply Online Now

Solar Roof Top Power Plant

This is a solar device that will be installed on your rooftop. It will produce electricity directly from the sun and save your monthly electricity bill. The power provided is DC i.e. Direct current. The device consists of Array of modules, an inverter and sometimes battery back up storage unit is also installed.

Required Documents

Accepted Identity Proofs 

Note – Any one of these is required

  • Aadhaar Card,PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Any ID card Issued by Govt. Department

Acceptable Residence/Address proof

  • Aadhar Card or Any other document if address is different than the one mentioned in Aadhaar Card

Site Address Proof

  • Electricity Bill

Documents Required In case of Non Domestic Sector (Any One of Below)

  • Registration Certificate
  • Proof of Being Institute/Social organization

All Set ? – Apply Online Now

Here are few advantages of this system –

  • Electricity is generated at the consumption center and hence saves transmission and distribution losses
  • No additional land is required for installation
  • Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant generates electricity during day time from the Solar Energy.
  • Payback period is 4-5 years.
  •  Incentive of 25 paisa per unit of solar generation will be provided.

Haryana Solar Rooftop Power Plant & Solar Water Heating System Online Application

Before proceeding to the form filling, it is required that you complete the registration process first.

  • To register, Visit this Page
  • Enter your Name, Email Address, Password, Username & Mobile Number
  • Click on Submit
  • Now OTP will be sent on your mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and click submit
  • You Registration will complete now

Apply Online for Solar Rooftop Power Plant/ Water Heater in Haryana

We are sure that now you understand about the eligibility requirements and benefits of system. If you are interested, you can easily submit the online application form .

Note – Please make sure you have already registered. If not, READ THIS

  • Login into your Account by Visiting this Page Login

  • Now Click on “Solar Plant Application” or “Domestic Water Heater”
  • Depending on your choice, a corresponding new page will open up. Click on “Apply”
  • Now you need to fill each and every required detail very carefully.

Note – Keep your ID proof and Aadhaar Card ready in digital format, because you will have to upload them

In this way you can easily submit the online application form

Know more about Haryana Govt. Solar Plant Scheme from HERE

Know More about Haryana Govt Solar Water Heater from HERE


You can calculate the Subsidy from HERE

Checking Status of Your Application

If you have already applied and want to check the current status of your application. Simply Login into your account. Using the “Online Application” link click on the product you applied for. A new page will open up and display the details of your submitted application. 

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