SRISTI Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme | Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Yojana 2018

The SRISTI Central Government Scheme is launched for promoting the Solar Power Energy. The wide form of SRISTI is Sustainable Rooftop Implementation for Solar Transfiguration of India. The scheme is launching with the joining of New and Renewable Energy Ministry. The main motive of the government behind this scheme is promoting the use of Sustainable Form of Energy for Local Residential People. We all know about the Energy Sector Position in our country. India is the top Solar Energy Producing Country. But it is the matter of fact there is some area in our country, where the requirement of Electricity is not starting yet.

For fulfilling the need of electricity and promoting the use of Solar Energy government is taking this plan as the initiative for the fiscal year. The application for Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy will be releasing soon. The implementation of the plan is conducted on the big scale. If you are also live in the residential area, they can also take the benefit of the scheme. The implementation of the plan will be announced soon by the central government in the coming days.

Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme

Solar Rooftop Installation Online Application form

  • The Scheme is mainly providing the financial assistance to the people, who are installing Solar Rooftop Power Plant Project.
  • The regulation of the scheme is running by the coordination of Central Government and Ministry of Renewable and New Energy of India.
  • It is the Solar Power Energy Increasing Plot Project of the Government.
  • The Project Will Complete in the Fiscal Year 2021-2022.
  • According to the scheme, the financial incentive will be given by the government to the people, who are installing the Solar Rooftop Power Plant.
  • As per the recent reports, the scheme contains a large amount of budget. The budget of the SRISTI Scheme is 23,450 Crore. This investment is announced by the central government to the implementation of the plan.
  • According to the Government Reports and Notification, the advanced version of the scheme, will be announced soon, name as MNRE.
  • This the Financial Assistance or Subsidy provided by the central government in the government, to the beneficiaries, who are installing the solar power plant on their rooftops.
  • In this scheme, the central government also takes the initiative for manufacturing 40,000 Mega Watt Power under the Budget of the SRISTI for the fiscal year.

SRISTI – Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Yojana 2018

  • Under the Scheme of SRISTI financial assistance will be given to the users, who are generating 18,000 KW at the rate of Rs 60,000 KW in the residential area.
  • Discoms help will also give by the central government in different sectors of the economy including social, private, government and industrial.
  • The Fixed Rate, that will offer by the government are 5500 KW and 55000 Per KW Cost.
  • For the 5000MW Capacity, the overall financial assistance will be given by the government is 9000 Crore.
  • The 23450 Crore Budget Contains a Power Generation of 40GW for the entire project.
  • The incentive for the Discoms is 14,450 Crore.

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Interested and Eligible applicants can apply online for this scheme. Just visit the Official Portal and click on the “Apply Online” Now