Passport Application- Apply for Birth Certificate | How to Guide

Birth Certificate for Passport | Steps to Apply for Birth Card for Passport Sake – Is it Possible to Apply Online for Birth Certificate | Birth Certificate for Applicants born after 1989

Apply for Birth Certificate IndiaMany applicants who apply for passport in India, come to know later on that birth certificate is required. It should be made clear that only those who were born after 1989 need to submit the Birth certificate during passport application in India. If for some reason your birth certificate was not made and you were born after 1989, you might face trouble in obtaining the birth certificate. Many people claim that one can obtain the birth certificate online etc., but to be honest this is not the case. However, there are certain steps that should be followed to apply for Birth certificate for the sake of passport application. This article will let you know all the steps and help you obtaining your Birth certificate. Possessing the Birth certificate will enable you to apply successfully for passport.

Who Should Submit Birth Certificate for Passport Application – Born After 1989 or Before 1989 ?

Many of you won’t be aware that providing the birth certificate while applying for passport is not mandatory for all. Yes, it is mandatory only for those who were born after 1989. For details check this –

How to Get Birth Certificate in India – Complete Details

Those who Born Before Year 1989

If you were born before 1989, you can present following documents during passport application –

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Aadhaar Card, PAN Card or Voter ID Card
  • Recent Electricity Bill
  • 10th/12th or Graduation Mark Sheet

As you can see, Birth certificate is not mandatory in this case.

Those who were Born After Year 1989

If you were born after 1989, these are the documents that should be submitted –

  • Birth Certificate ( It is Mandatory, without it application won’t be accepted)
  • Address Proof i.e. Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Bank Pass book, recent electricity bill
  • Bonafide Certificate from College for students and forom employer, incase the applicant is employee
  • 10th/12th or Degree Certificate

Now, in this particular case, you will notice the importance of having a birth certificate. You must get it if you don;t have one. If you have lost or misplaced it, there is a simple procedure to apply for it again. Now we will let you know who can you apply in both cases

Apply for Birth Certificate – Brand New (I.e. If you Never had one)

If you are among those, who never possessed any birth certificate, these steps are for you

The passport application requires the applicants to produce a date of birth proof and this requires a birth certificate. This proof of date of birth can be provided by several means such as the Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Authority or district authority of the registrar of births and deaths, date of birth certificate from the school last attended or any registered educational institute attended by the applicant and an affidavit sworn by the candidate in front of a Magistrate/Notary declaring date of birth by illiterate or semi literate applicants.

These modes of submission of date of birth proof are applicable for the candidates who fail to produce a valid birth certificate during form submission due to any reason. For the candidates born on or after 26th January 1989 a valid birth certificate issued by the Municipal authority or the District Office of the registrar of birth and death is mandatory for issuing a passport.

Apply for New Birth Certificate (If you had one but it is lost, misplaces, torn etc.)

The steps given below are for those, who want to reapply for Birth certificate because they have lost, misplaced their birth certificate

The candidates who have misplaced their birth certificate are in a state of pickle if they want a passport as it makes it mandatory for them to produce the same but there is a way to get your birth certificate issued once again. If the applicant wants a new birth certificate issued they can do so by visiting the Municipal Committee office of the place that they were born in and apply for a new birth certificate.

They can do so by applying for issuance of new birth certificate if the authorities have a record of their birth date. The Municipality or the registrar of births and deaths will then issue you your new birth certificate easily.  If the record of your birth is not found with the Municipal Office then you will have to request them to issue you a Non – Availability Certificate.

This “ Non-Availability Certificate”has to be taken to your lawyer, your lawyer will then make sure that you are issued a court order for issuing new birth certificate by the municipal committee. At the committee you will have to produce documents to prove your date of birth like your Voter’s ID your adhar card or your class 10 certificate. Once the office has confirmed your date of birth, your new birth certificate will be issued to you which you can now use to get your passport.

No matter which state, UT or city you live in, the steps remain same. This information applies for all states –

Uttar PradeshOdishaHimachal Pradesh
West BengalJharkhandManipur
Madhya PradeshAssamNagaland
Tamil NaduPunjabGoa
RajasthanChhattisgarhArunachal Pradesh
GujaratJammu and KashmirSikkim
Andhra PradeshUttarakhand 

Because this process is long and tedious , all the applicants are required to keep their documents very safe and protected and keep them guarded from theft or loosing them as this whole procedure or Reapplying to the Birth Certificate can be avoided by being cautious.

  • Bhushan Pawar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My date of birth is 18-5-1989, i have two below question.
    1)Is birth certificate is mandatory for passport to me?.
    2)In municipal corporation they don’t have any record of my birth,so i contact a
    lawyer,we files application in the court. but the judge always postponed to
    next date from last 4 months the same thing going to happen. today also he
    postponed date to 21-11-2016. i think judge want bribe.
    please help me what to do. because i already give Rs. 3000/- to lawyer.

    Please help me, now i am so tired, frustrated and blaming our government.


    • I am facing the same issue. municipal corporation doesnt have any record of my birth. What is the alternative. I am 1990 born.

  • Even I am not registered my birth is not registered can you help me out

    • well guys, you need to catch hold of a good lawyer.. and be prepared with at least 6 to 7K and file application in the court then you will be called 3 times at least .. along with your either mother father or guardian. then there is an “argument ” where our lawyer requests the judge pass the order once the order has been passed, carry that court order to munciple office and they will issue Birth certificate . this process takes 3 months

  • Nowadays, birth certifictae is issued online. will the coloured printout of it be accepted?

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