ACST Exam Result 2016 – Aakash Institute Admission Exam Result

ACST Exam Result 2016 – Aakash Institute Admission Exam Result

The Aakash Admission-cum Scholarship Examination (ACST) is conducted every year over a period of four months, from August to December on every Sunday or every alternate Sunday. This test aims to provide students with scholarships to tune their career right from a young age. It is used to shortlist those brilliant students provide them with a scholarship and tune their careers in the right direction. There are two different tests, one for the junior candidates who are in class 8 or class 9 and the other for class 11 and class 12.

However, any student who wishes to apply for this scholarship can do so only in two attempts, that is, each student is allowed only 2 attempts to obtain the scholarship, within which the student should score enough marks. Once the student has attempted the test, he or she can get the results within the next two to seven days by visiting the Aakash Institute centre where they attended the exam.

The ACST Exam and Results

There are three types of tests conducted by the Aakash Institute. The Aakash Admission Cum Scholarship Test is for the students who are presently in 8th-9th-10th standard and students from 11th and 12th standard, who wish to further their knowledge by attending Medical training or IIT JEE coaching.

The Admission cum Scholarship Test was held on 15th May 2016 last, and before that, it was held on the 8th of May. The examinations were held for

  • Medical-AIPMT coaching
  • Engineering-IIT-JEE Coaching
  • Junior Classes 8-9-10th

The scholarship test is held in a pattern relating to the level of the students. If the student is writing the exam for classes for 8th standard, the syllabus will be relating to the 7th standard mathematics and science syllabus.

The results for these exams are usually released in just 2 to 7 days of attempt. The student can get to know of the results by visiting the Aakash Test Centre where the student wrote the exam.

Check Aakash ACST Exam Result 2016

As soon as the result is declared, follow these steps :

  • Visit this page
  • On the top click on the “Results” Section
  • As soon as result is declared, you will see a link “Aakash ACST Result 2016”
  • Click on the link and enter the required details
  • Hit the submit button and result will be presented.

Enrolling for Classes

Once the student writes the test and gets his or her score, he/she can apply for classes based on the score. Scholarships will be awarded to students who have successfully cleared the scholarship criteria will get scholarships, while anyone who has written the exam can join classes by paying the full fees.

  • The Medical-Engineering Classes: These classes are to be attended as regular classes. The scholarships are given to students who show an eye for medicine and engineering related fields. This allows only regular and year-long classroom sessions. There is no distance learning or short term courses available.
  • The junior classes 8th-9th -10th: Scholarships for the junior students is given to inculcate in the student the drive to achieve right from a young age. The scholarship is awarded for excellent students and they can take up one-year tuition classes at the Aakash training centres.

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